The Secrets to Low Light Photography, Tips and Techniques

Whether you shoot with a Canon, Nikon, or any other camera, learn how to take great photographs when there is limited lighting without using a flash or tripo…

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25 Responses to The Secrets to Low Light Photography, Tips and Techniques

  1. Lhisa Doroteo says:

    Low light shoot

  2. ThePhotomum says:

    This is a very well-organized video with lots of great info!! Thanks!

  3. Kris Kasprzak says:

    the song is Doorman by Halo Stereo. Check my uploads and look for a video I
    created of them that song. I used the same techniques when capturing the

  4. jwgilb61 says:

    let’s redefine “low cost”…2.8 for any length long enough to get a picture
    from where I sit is not cheap…but thanks for the info 🙂

  5. Naveed photo/video says:


  6. Paul Stewart says:

    Everyone always talks about ISO, aperture and Shutter, but no-one touches
    on metering modes. They can drastically effect the above settings.

  7. NotlawFilms says:

    I just upgraded to a 7D and a Tokina 11-16 f/2.8. Thank you!

  8. Andrew Balboa says:

    00:27 “Let me guess, you just bought a brand new DSLR….” loool…that’s
    just my case. Awesome video, thanks so much!

  9. Photographer Overnight says:

    Awesome video. You really can tell the difference between a professional
    and an amateur just by looking at their low-lighting photographs. Anyone
    can shoot in broad daylight with a cheap camera and lens, but it takes a
    true expert to take a good picture in low-lighting conditions.

  10. muslin backdrops says:

    Absolutely fantastic! Thanks a lot for the step by step presentation..

  11. hilllbilllyjoe says:

    the graph at 4:11 is probably the most useful graphic I have ever seen.
    Thank you!

  12. Awab Tayeb says:

    OMG . You cleared a lot of things for me .. thank you thank you thank you
    verrrrrrry much man .



  14. TheGabesnell says:

    you say shoot in B&W? just curious to how this would change anything when
    you can change to it in lightroom. does it pick up more dynamic range
    somehow in B&W mode?

  15. Sarah20az says:

    I can’t afford an expensive lens so I just picked up a older 50mm prime 1.8
    but I can only use it in manual mode, so everything is set by me and I can
    say I have learned SO MUCH by being forced to do it on my own. I was lost
    before this and couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t getting the look I wanted
    in auto mode! Now my shots are way more professional!

  16. Paul Hale says:

    Definitely learned some things from this vid. Excellent! Also….what is
    the song at the end of the vid? JAMMIN!!!!

  17. premiscous thinker says:

    So fast shutter speed , smaller aperatute galue

  18. asudchiman says:

    Great. Thanks for posting!

  19. Juriz Escritor says:

    thanks man.. helped me alot

  20. loussaapaatschkeer55 says:

    amazing stuff!

  21. Kris Kasprzak says:

    shooting in b/w *may* not affect image quality, however some cameras
    struggle with recording colors namely red in low light, using b/w may mask
    some of the artifacting. I sometimes use b/w just for the artistic value,
    but this can always be converted in post.

  22. John Zander says:

    Fantastic. So much great information. Thank you!

  23. TheGabesnell says:

    ah ok…. ya i do the same sometimes… was just wondering if there was
    some way to get more range.

  24. iayla says:

    ty, well explained!

  25. byzanttine says:

    Very nicely explained. Thank You

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