The Purpose Hotel – An Update from Jeremy Cowart

A few weeks ago I shared a very important blog post about a very special project, The Purpose Hotel. In fact, in all my years of being in the photographic industry, I’ve never heard about a more important campaign that has the potential to make so many of us proud to have been involved.

While this technically is Jeremy Cowart’s dream, the reality is we all have an opportunity to participate, both in a direct contribution and in helping to spread the word. It’s an incredible idea and if you haven’t seen the original video, just click on the play button below.

In the mean time Jeremy is only 25% of the way there, but with 2500 contributors so far there’s lots of room for growth. He just needs us all to spread the word and encourage more people to be involved. Click on the banner above to connect to the Kickstarter page and help Jeremy turn this dream into a reality.  If you think about it, this is a global project that truly defines the meaning of “giving back”.

Last week Jeremy shared the update below. Nobody can say it the way he does. Please help spread the word and then on opening day we can all meet in Nashville at the Purpose Hotel and cheer!

So many exciting things brewing around The Purpose Hotel Kickstarter campaign.

Thank YOU, our first backers, for helping us get closer to our goal. But are y’all ready for some honest talk?
$ 2 million is ambitious. We had a HUGE first day and 2nd day. It’s been slow since. Still steady but slower. MANY of you might be saying “they’ll never hit their goal  And honestly, I’ve thought the same thing a few times.

But …. something insane is happening. There is this swelling happening behind the scenes… a *true* movement, a building of believers in this dream. So many media outlets are discovering it. Major influencers are discovering it. The hotel industry is discovering. Word is getting out. And all I can do is humbly ask for you to do is push HARD for the next 40 days. Email, social media, lunch conversations, etc….

Soon I’m going to do a live webinar where I paint the FULL vision of the hotel. Our video only scratches the surface. I want to share so much more with you.

I can’t wait for you to fully understand and see what all we’re trying to do. But we have to fight and work hard for it.
So again, as humbly as I can ask… please don’t give up on us. We need more than one tweet, more than one push. Go as hard as you can. Then one beautiful day in the near future, we’re going to throw the biggest celebration party ever at The Purpose Hotel.

Stay tuned for details about the webinar!


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