Tamron How-To Travel Photography: Nature And Scenics

Professional photographer Ian Plant takes us on a day trip and provides great photo tips and advice for capturing scenics and nature while traveling.
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14 Responses to Tamron How-To Travel Photography: Nature And Scenics

  1. OceanLifeMusic says:

    Nice video man,i have one question are you shoot with Manual Focus or with Auto focus?´╗┐ thanks ­čÖé i use Canon 1100D,and i love it ­čÖé

  2. boomintens2 says:

    Great´╗┐ great video!

  3. Faith Durrer says:

    You should look at his site. He also uses a Nikon lens adapted for´╗┐ the Canon camera body he frequently uses. Not to be presumptuous, but I don’t think he cares much about brands, only results. And indeed, he gets wonderful results.

  4. Daniel Frei says:

    I tried linking to his website but´╗┐ youtube wouldn’t let me.


  5. Daniel Frei says:

    Gitzo Ocean Traveler 4-Section Carbon´╗┐ Fiber Tripod

  6. balacau says:

    A light-weight but durable tripod is a difficult mix to get right, especially when you are using a dSLR with a moderate sized lens attached.

    Do you have any more details on the tripod that you are using in this video?

    Love the heron pictures! Fantastic advice on´╗┐ the video, thank you.

  7. allen4505 says:

    Excellent advice, i agree, more videos like this would´╗┐ be very welcome… well done

  8. jquagga says:

    So … you’re that guy who manages to chase the heron off everytime I’m at Meadowlark! ´╗┐

  9. ianplantphoto says:

    Hi, good question. Actually, I do use a number of Canon L lenses, but I also use third party lenses.´╗┐ Although many Canon L lenses are indeed world-class, some don’t really live up to the reputation. Over the years I have used lenses by Nikon, Tamron, Sigma, and Contax/Zeiss on my Canon DSLRs. I use the lenses that have the quality´╗┐ I need for the kind of work I do – if they happen to be something other than Canon L lenses, so be it!

    Ian Plant

  10. ThePanacon says:

    Despite what I wrote earlier, the video itself is well shot/edited.´╗┐ Liked the advices Ian gave.

  11. ThePanacon says:

    I have a question. If Mr. Ian Plant is a professional photographer with a Canon DSLR on a professional level, why doesn’t he use the Canon L-Series lenses instead of third-party lenses such as Tamron’s? I never met a pro photographer with Canon DSLRs using anything else but Canon´╗┐ lenses. I think Tamron or Sigma lenses are being bought by amateurs who cannot or will not spend huge money on OEM products such as L-lenses by Canon.

  12. digitalphotomag says:


  13. Yousef AL-mousa says:

    I like´╗┐ it

  14. Eden Molina says:

    Love it.´╗┐ You guys should make more videos like this!

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