Tammy Marie Photography Newborn Tips

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13 Responses to Tammy Marie Photography Newborn Tips

  1. michiganmom857 says:

    I’d be goddamned if you would handle MY newborn that way! Hey Mom, wake up and PROTECT your infant!!!!!

  2. Sebastian Alfredo Tamayo Rojas says:

    Como un fotografo puede ser tan bizarro de querer fotografiar un bebe casi recien nacido y encajarlo en una cesta a presion de esa manera, totalmente antietico, si fuese el papa de esa bebe denunciaria a la fotografa por maltrato infantil.

  3. Sofia sc says:

    Tanks so much for sharing, lovely pictures!!!

  4. MrTeriyaki75 says:

    You are a person to complain to the authorities’ FOR CRUELTY TO CHILDREN !

  5. Sarah halsey says:

    Im sorry, but you should not do what you just did to that baby’s head. In no way is that “rocking”.


    Thank you!!

  7. cslea says:

    How you shake her head during the adjusting is definitely not acceptable. :(

  8. teguh setiawan says:

    i like it..

  9. Tomáš Celar says:

    What the fuck…. I like the tips etc.. but what are you doing to the baby??

  10. Walther Vlaanderen says:

    If this is my child a kick your ass.

  11. Vanessa sPhotos says:

    love it thank you so simple and easy!!! and beautiful results..

  12. jonathan cordero says:

    you are awesome !!

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