Take Good Pictures Now!

If you want to learn how to take good pictures you are definitely going to want to read this entire article. I will attempt to show you how you can improve your shots in as little time as possible.

This is going to sound like the strangest tip in the world… but I want you to still do it. Get a picture frame and take out the picture. Leave it so it’s just a frame with nothing in the middle so you can see right through it. Now I want you to go outside and start framing things within this frame.

Use it as if it was the viewfinder of your camera and just start framing different subjects, objects, etc. Ask yourself if what’s in the frame would actually be worthy of being placed in that exact picture frame.

This exercise will get you to start using your eye better and start seeing things differently in the world around you. You’ll start to notice how some subjects look better up close and others at a distance. When you practice this enough, when you grab your camera and actually take a picture you’ll be amazed at how much you will have improved.

During this exercise you will probably learn a lot of things such as:

-Objects look better off center

-Lines can be used to make more impact

-Simplicity is better than complex and confusing

Now, these things you will learn are also called compositional rules. You can either learn these rules from practicing a lot or learning the rules and implementing them right away.

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