Surf Photography Tips and Advise by Jeff Flindt

Go to http://SilberStudios.Tv. Jeff Flindt is a top pro surf photographer who shoots elite surfers. His style separates him and his photographs from the pack…
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12 Responses to Surf Photography Tips and Advise by Jeff Flindt

  1. Sophie Marc says:

    Thank you for the video! Do you know you can take an AWESOME picture with
    your regular old fashioned camera? Not everyone can purchase those fancy
    camera.. But everyone can be an AWESOME photographer! Learn the complete
    tutorial from “MASTERING PHOTOGRAPHY IN SECONDS”. Just Google it! The
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  2. haldor helgason says:

    thanks this helped a lot. what sort of zoom do you think i would need for
    surf photography from the shore?

  3. haldor helgason says:

    @cabgt thanks

  4. rabbbit12 says:

    i need some help. i am getting into surf photography and was wondering if
    anyone can tell me a good camera for doing so anywhere up to $500

  5. HouseOfRam says:

    best job in the world

  6. Silber Studios says:

    yes, I love mine

  7. Ben Gilbert says:

    hate to sound like a dick but while he is a surf photographer his tips were
    not really dedicated to surf photography. he stated mostly the same things
    any photographer would tell you practice and shoot in good light.

  8. cabgt says:

    @justWatchin97 Depends on weather it is a shore break or not. With a shore
    break you should be ok with a 70-200mm. For waves further out, the 600mm is
    a popular choice. Also depends on how tight you want to crop and what size
    sensor your camera is running.

  9. Toby Mace says:

    6:08 double rainbow!

  10. Patrick O'Leary says:

    Jeff is the man. The editors at Surfing need a real good kick in the butt
    for letting him go. Ridiculous.

  11. Alex Martinez says:

    He was pretty awkward haha.

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