Summer Photography Tips?

Question by RAMBO!: Summer Photography Tips?
Does anyone have useful tips on photography? Especially summer photography, where you don’t want anything blurred, not even running water.

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Answer by Ryan
Shoot at a high shutter speed to ‘freeze’ movement or running water. As its summer photography im presuming there is plenty of available light so just make sure that your aperture is large enough and your ISO is adequate.

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  1. Honest Mahmut says:

    It is mainly related with the camera you have: the better camera and enough photography education you have, the more successful photographs you obtain..

  2. Scissorhead says:

    In summer, your most likely bound too get some sun (unless your in the UK/IE 🙁 ) Shoot with a low aperture and a shutter speed of around 1/40-1/80, or maybe even lower (depending on how bright or sunny it is) Its quite hard to use a long shutter speed to get a dreamy effect to water when your in a bright area, what ever your aperture. You need a long shutter speed to get a dreamy effect to the water. So invest in an ND (neutral density) filter to capture the dreamy movement of the water without ending up with an extremely over exposed image.

    Good Luck.

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