Studio photography at home.

How to make and take modern style portraits at home without the use of expensive studio equipment. The photoshop side of this technique was published in the …
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25 Responses to Studio photography at home.

  1. UrJellyPK says:

    Finally someone who knows how to get rid of hard shadows! thanks Gav x

  2. Youtuber says:

    that’s british accent? 🙂

  3. Yu2beFool says:

    Seems like some only look for sexual pleasure on youtube…? Well mister,
    this is the wrong place, apparently. If your goal however is to discourage
    Gavin to post more of these really admirable videos, you’ve got 290000 to
    fight up to. Then again it makes me think: if the first – and only! – word
    coming up in your mind when seeing this video filled with fun, is ‘pedo’
    (as in pedophile is suppose), then your vision of life is dramatically
    deformed. I hope you get well soon!

  4. Yu2beFool says:

    Yes, true!

  5. icebird101 says:

    as usual, Great 🙂

  6. Lerain says:

    I usually never comment anything on YT, but after watching a number of your
    videos and seeing how great you interact with that model while using
    affordable equipment to take really great shots… well… what can I say,
    you’re brilliant. Thanks a ton for the time you spend making those videos;
    greatly appreciated!

  7. Will Jessel says:

    what magazine?

  8. Timmy Bachew says:

    Mr Hoey, I appreciate you more because you cater for anyone- I’m sure you
    have the top equipment possible yet- he sets up a room studio for anyone to
    achieve- how considerate is this man

  9. rw9259 says:

    How did you edit the creases out?

  10. Futojournalista says:

    Thanks for the idea! I have all the things here, I’ll do that and post a
    video response soon!

  11. eninut says:

    With you being an “Aspiring Film Maker” then you should know you can
    actually film yourself without the aid of others…It’s called a tripod and
    then editing afterwards to cut out the bits of you going to the camera to
    stop/start recording. Oh no, that would just be too easy

  12. John Luerding says:

    Gavin these are great vids you’ve posted.. learned alot. I noticed you use
    CS4, have you used Corel Pro photo shop x2?

  13. Wilson Loo says:

    i like this, playing and doing job at the same time with your kid. 😀

  14. shahid mehmood says:

    Great idea to get involve kids while shooting them and nice cheap studio
    alternate. Thanks for sharing and keep doing good work.

  15. NF1greeneyegirl says:

    you should show the finished product

  16. RobDesigns says:

    @notatrashpicker i musnt have noticed two screens on his camera then.

  17. Lee Cant says:

    Imagine if you accidentally got a cricket ball in with that lot! :'(

  18. Jess Alexander says:

    This was useful, however I would have like to see the finishing photos.

  19. Dwayne Palmer says:

    anybody knows of a similar tut can use to remove wrinkles from back ground?

  20. morbidetc says:

    this is great!!!!!

  21. dalishisnsassy says:

    i like how the child said hello

  22. marshey123 says:

    @Masamagus yay xD

  23. Jessica VanDerheyden says:

    Can i see the photos?

  24. AnGeLoLosAngeles says:

    lol i loved it very nice video. i learned something good. thanks for the
    vid Gavin!

  25. lostanddumbfounded says:

    @MrSvSa hmmm, i don’t think a “pedo” would broadcast his “pedo” techniques
    on youtube. only a sick mind (like yours) would go to that place over an
    innocent photo shoot that helps others photography young subjects.

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