Strobist Equipment And Tips by Karl Taylor

Get More FREE Training Videos at my website: In the UK we say “flash” and in the USA they say “strobes”. Either way using them for more complex lighting scenarios has become all the rage and the technique has become commonly know as strobist or even strobism. But let’s face it, all we are talking about is adding light and how we add light to our subject, preferably without having to spend a small fortune on a load of studio kit, ranger packs and generators! There is however quite a bit more to it than that and the techniques for lighting are covered in depth in our series of DVDs, but what I thought I would share with you today is some information about the kit itself. In this video I take a look at some setups for strobists and some tips on how to make your flash work better and more effectively. Enjoy! Karl Taylor. Get More FREE Training Videos at my website:

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