Strike a pose

Strike a pose
A stunning image of a panther chameleon (Furcifer pardalis), framed by a backdrop of jungle foliage as it snares its prey with alarming accuracy, is today revealed as the winning image of the ZSL Animal Photography Prize 2014. Captured by photographer …
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Maria Sharapova posts cheeky photograph on plane
THIS is the situation. A mystery man is sitting on a plane, innocently reading the paper. He turns to the sports pages, and there's a story on Maria Sharapova. And this is where things get weird. Somehow, the man is completely unaware that the rather …

Photograph shows Petersburg boat in 1913
Perhaps the photographer, working with the New York engineering company that built the dam, was intrigued with the unusual boat and snapped a photo. A century later, there it was – staring back at us like a ghost from a forgotten time. BASH ON THE …
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