Street Photography Part 2 – people photography

Street Photography Part 2 - people photography

Human interaction is one of the most interesting aspects of street photography. It’s capturing a moment in time forever and if there’s a bit of emotion evide…
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  1. repairdrive says:

    I kept thinking “please don’t get grease on my lens”. Plus you gotta love that English weather.

  2. rubblerocks says:

    Great video! I’m just starting out with photography and am enjoying your street series. Thanks for posting.

  3. kcirtap198 says:

    thanks mike!

  4. blether12 says:

    What kit are you using? You seem to be using high-end stuff.

  5. Mike Browne says:

    Thank you vikrambhagi1. Please help us ‘continue the good work’ by ‘liking’ ‘G+ing’, sharing on Facebook etc. If you feel they are of value to you and would like to help out financially you can also make a donation on our site.

  6. vikrambhagi1 says:

    Hey mike, Just wanted to drop in a little thank you for these really informative videos. Love the videos, all of em. Please continue the good work.

  7. Mike Browne says:

    🙂 Take care – but don’t be too nervous. Most people in the world are really nice if you give them the opportunity to be. They usually get angry when they don’t know what’s happening or why a stranger is photographing them.

  8. Zaharia Chirica says:

    Aha…I I got the idea…Thanks very much Mike. I am rather a shy guy so most probable that’s the only safe way to get my candid shots I am so fond of.

  9. Mike Browne says:

    🙂 Yes they will tend to pose when you first ask which is why I say to ask, take a shot or two and then come back maybe an hour later and just shoot some candids whilst they’re talking, working or whatever. If they gave you permission an hour ago they’re less likely to object when you return. The key is to invest time with people and genuinely care about them as well as your shots.

  10. Zaharia Chirica says:

    That’s OK Mike with Va rog or pot sa..- problem is if he or she will allow they will pose and the candid shot I am after is gone…I love only candid shots and I am well aware that is highly controversial and yes risky, too. In front of some opportunities I am tormented: is it moral or immoral to take this shot?

  11. Mike Browne says:

    Thank you. Ha ha – Because I’m too lazy and don’t enjoy spending hours wading through thousands of images trying to choose which to keep. Henri Cartier Bresson talked about choosing the ‘decisive moment’ to shoot so I go with that.

  12. Mike Browne says:

    Yes it’s always worth investing time to get to know the person, ask if it’s OK and come back later when they’ll be more relaxed when they see you. Varog – pot sa photographiers? That’s probably spelt wrong but I’ve learnt how to ask in many languages…

  13. Mike Browne says:

    Hey Jim.. My favorite camera for street life is a phone because they’re very discreet 🙂 I never use film anymore because it’s so time consuming and difficult to use compared to digital.

  14. Mike Browne says:

    Thank you. Due to popular demand I’ve started doing that in later vids – but I stress the settings I use almost certainly won’t work for anyone else unless they happen to be in exactly the same light as I was when they take their picture.

  15. TheAndroidEnthusiast says:


    Thank you for the great tips. By any chance could you post camera settings along with the pictures you show?

  16. Jim Foy says:

    Sorry! D
    idn’t see Part 3 before I posted. Still interested in the camera query, tho…

  17. Jim Foy says:

    Hello, Mike. I very much appreciate your videos – I learn alot. Regarding Street Photography – do you have an opinion on the ‘on the sidewalk, spontaneous’ style of street photography? I don’t refer to the ‘in your face’ style, but I do mean the more ‘candid’ style. And do you ever use more ‘discreet’ cameras, such as rangefinders, or film under any circumstances?

  18. Zaharia Chirica says:

    The same happened to me. I met a an interesting Senegalese guy who were selling all sort of things on the street and I wanted to take him a shot to which reacted very aggressively. I am Romanian and I think isn’t not about skin color but rather some people just don’t want to be photographed by unknown people. I’ll try to follow Mike’s advises this time. Maybe they will work and for me,too.

  19. trtepol says:

    Hello Mike, it is very, very nice video, and I like your creativity. But why didn’t you use burst mod when shooting interactions?

  20. Mike Browne says:

    Hi. You can use any focal length but as you say you might need to be closer with a 50mm. I think it’s often better to be closer to the action because the image is less voyeuristic. If there are people in the shot spend time to make sure you’re safe to photograph them by observing them, taking photos around them so they get used to you or just ask if they mind… If they say yes take a few and come back a few mins later when they’re acting more naturally.

  21. Mike Browne says:

    Thank you, that’s great to hear:-)

  22. beeceebee1 says:

    Hi Mike, I stumbled upon your videos, and I love them, thanks for posting! I’d love to do more street photography like in this video, but I have a Nikkor 50mm 1:1.4 lens. Would that be suitable? I’m afraid it would be too “close” and that I’ll need to be too far from the subject to properly capture the scene…

  23. Santiago Leston says:

    There´s people like that everywhere. That´s when your superphotographer social skills come in handy. Actually in one of the fashion photography courses that I took the teacher taught us some techniques to verbally handle different types of situations.
    Is important to carry ourselves with respect and consideration but also to practice how to handle all sorts of people and situations always with calm and patience.


  24. Mike Browne says:

    Thank you Fendi. Please help us spread the word about our films and grow the community by ‘liking’ ‘G+ing’, sharing them and linking to us on photo forums, Facebook etc

  25. Fendi Yeah says:

    Hi Mike, I Love your video. Photography is my new hobby. I can learn many things from your video. Great job Mike! Keep on Recording and Uploading!

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