Sony Xperia Miro 5MP Camera Review – Interface, Settings, Tips and Tricks

This video is a quick review of the Sony Xperia Miro 5MP Camera showing it’s camera interface, various settings and some tips & tricks for using the Sony Xpe…
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25 Responses to Sony Xperia Miro 5MP Camera Review – Interface, Settings, Tips and Tricks

  1. Nini Zulkarnain says:

    The front camera is so bad =,=

  2. Weird videos says:

    camera takes a lot of time to shoot a picture.. slow autofocus..

  3. kostas kal says:

    Zoom camera?

  4. Gadget Diary says:

    lumia 520.

  5. smetjeuh desmet says:

    my front camera doesn’t work 😮

  6. caroline M. says:

    and the front camera? which is better sony xperia or samsung galaxy looked
    x2? pleace help

  7. Gadget Diary says:

    front camera quality is average

  8. Ahmed Shreif says:

    ITs So Fucken Bad Dark Like Hell

  9. The Fighter says:

    They are very similar but since miro is about £30 cheaper I would go with

  10. thymios gamer says:

    how does it focus ?

  11. Gadget Diary says:

    it is always better to use screen protector, go for a good quality one they
    hardly affect the touch responsiveness

  12. Nicolas Siabato says:

    what is better the xperia miro or the xperia U?

  13. Kai Hoshiko says:

    Can the front camera be used for snapchat?

  14. Mahak Jain says:

    which will be a better buy xperia miro or xperia U?

  15. pluto cool says:

    Does the front camera quality good?

  16. khairula467 says:

    Xperia miro or nokia lumia 520

  17. Paul Potter says:

    I did not know you could customise the shortcuts. The flash over exposure
    has been fixed in the latest firmware.

  18. Zabella45 says:

    What is the front camera like?

  19. Gadget Diary says:

    quality is comparable to both but Xperia U has bit better quality

  20. Gadget Diary says:

    auto focus & touch to focus

  21. kronoz099 says:

    Do Xperia Miro need Screen Protector? My Xperia Miro have screen
    protector. Does it affect the touch responsiveness? For example that tap
    and hold and drag. I can’t do that on my miro effectively please help

  22. khairula467 says:

    Xperia good

  23. Gadget Diary says:

    yes if the application supports it.

  24. RoyalUrgent says:

    I hate the front camera!

  25. Mido Mixa says:

    camera sony eperia miro best OR CAmera Sony eperia mini pro Best OR Sony
    Live with Walkman

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