Sony A77 – 12 FPS – Shutter Speed Shooting (Alpha/DSLR Camera)

It’s freaking fast, the camera shoots faster than an AK47 😀 The fastest DSLR camera with stunning 12 frames per second. Like or fav for upcoming unboxing an…
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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25 Responses to Sony A77 – 12 FPS – Shutter Speed Shooting (Alpha/DSLR Camera)

  1. Mohamad Haris Ishak says:

    just love my a77. my only complaint is that its noise performance is not as
    good as my a58.

  2. theroskyyyy says:

    We all know the buffer chokes up after 2 seconds and u cnt hold that
    shutter button forever, so in one second we may win the race but if i get a
    lower and more consistent fps, above a certain time the buffer which dnt
    choke will get more images, but then again who will hold the shutter fir
    those long periods, anyways…… I have the A77 and im satisfied, im an
    armature by the way.. So…. 

  3. John De Bord says:

    *Photography discussion*

    While everyone is freaking out over the Canon 1DX this is just a
    reminder…for roughly 6k less. Today’s cameras
    almost scare me…these huge FPS counts firing off like a machine gun and
    massive file sizes. It means 3 things;

    More RAM in your PC
    Faster and larger Memory cards
    More external storage

    I wonder how long until we start to see things like 10TB externals. If you
    look back 10 years ago, 1TB weren’t even around. I wonder if we will see
    some reverse engineering in the future, with full frame cameras of maybe
    10MP with high FPS or something along those lines? Who knows…technology
    in photography has come so far…it makes me think at “12 midnight 10/31 so
    and so camera came online and self aware….”


  4. Tibi Barborík says:

    Sorry but its not the fastest, Canon 1Dx is! only camera that can capture
    Kiiroi Senkō 😀

  5. FearThaSwede says:

    @oceanistoosmall Actually I do 🙁 It’s the A77VK model which includes a
    standard 18-55 lens..

  6. dawfurby says:

    So your going to trust Kai, a wannabe photographer who just thinks its OK
    to wear a Nikon strap on a Canon body? And before you say anything about
    light loss, I happen to own the a77, a55, and a37, and I can assure you
    that there is absolutely no light loss because of the transluscent mirror.

  7. fancysnake1 says:

    For some reason I keep seeing you for like the past few weeks of videos
    I’ve been watching :p Back to those theater projector videos too.

  8. StarWarsPlace says:

    YOU are the one that is misinformed. It is 12 fps FOR SHOOTING PICTURES.
    Numerous DSLRs and DSLTs can SHOOT 60p FOR VIDEO. The Casio F1 cannot even
    shoot 60p in full HD. In fact, it does not even support full HD. It’s
    highest video recording modes are 720p and 1080i. Not even the coveted
    Canon 1D shoots in 12 fps burst mode. By you naming the Casio F1, a low
    quality camera no one cares bout, I’m assuming that you’re the disappointed
    owner of one and you going around bashing clips of good DSLRs

  9. cleveland jr Brown says:

    @SpeedFreakNO fair enough, different cameras for different jobs

  10. Alexander Rex Evensen says:

    @ch0000000000000de No one would call it a DSLR, cause it’s not. And
    tracking targets isn’t all a camera is about. I would call a 4×5 large
    format camera a real camera as well, and you certainly can’t track any
    targets with that 🙂 I enjoy the sound of both the mirror and shutter
    moving in my camera as well (Pentax K-5),but I’m buying the new mirrorless
    K-01 when it arrives. It has no mirror, only a shutter, but as an addition
    to my K-5, not a replacement. And both are real 🙂

  11. FearThaSwede says:

    Yes, as I described it in desc..

  12. draveify says:

    @prowled Are we sure it slows down? So what I am reading is that sony made
    a camera with the capacity to shoot 12fps with a processor that can’t
    handle it…Got It! Makes perfect sense. Maybe an SD Extreme at over 33mbs
    sec. handles it. Which it does.

  13. Witch King says:

    How come sometimes when I’m going to do a 12 fps mode it’s not working…
    Is something wrong on my setting? and sometime it works I really forgot
    what I did to my camera settings.

  14. Drifter says:

    A57 does that in 8 mpix only

  15. oceanistoosmall says:

    you;re not using the kit lens are you?

  16. carlofiumano says:

    not bad!!!

  17. Mitchell Barnes says:

    damn, sony makes some pretty ugly looking cameras.

  18. prowled says:

    you don’t need a camera with 12 fps that has a translucent mirror
    technology that steals 2/3 of a stop of light, not to mention that the ISO
    range is weak. It allso has an electronic viewfineder instead of an optical
    one, there is CONSIDERABLE delay when you take it up against your eye, you
    can that in a lot of video reviews that people complain about the above
    features. Having 12 fps on a camera that needs to be better on every other
    speck might seem good to you, but it’s not.

  19. Mike Pirogov says:

    что это за звук 😀

  20. Eric de Jong says:

    @EAFSQ9 The A77 isn’t a full frame but cropped frame sensor camera (and yes
    in this class the fastest still), it’s not a SLR but SLT (no reflex action)
    and the EOS 1D is about 4x the price …so comparing apples with pears.

  21. Eric de Jong says:

    @NoRiEvent It’s the picture quality and photographers experience that count
    not the “technology”

  22. chubsnellie says:

    this isnt reaaallly a dslr becuase there is no real reflex, its dumb SLT.
    anyway the 1dx can pop 14 fps on super high speed

  23. iHelpCorner says:

    @MrViiP3RHD people don’t understand! its still freaking 12 fps!! and thats
    AMAZING! obviously it has to slow down eventually..if sony made it faster
    it would cost over 4K…How do you like the video quality and is the lens
    they give you pretty good?

  24. Witch King says:

    Thanks I tried it outside 1 time and it works, clear and crisp 13 fps.

  25. prowled says:

    i think we both know why you didn’t hold the button untill it choked. It
    stops after taking about 12-13 pictures and it becomes more like a canon
    EOS 550D taking a picture every second.

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