Snow Photography and Special Effects (DSLR Tutorial) In this instructional how-to DSLR photography video tutorial on snow, you will s…

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25 Responses to Snow Photography and Special Effects (DSLR Tutorial)

  1. Fellosblog says:

    First i thought this is the crocodile hunter of Photography, then I saw the
    Pictures and just thought “wooooooaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrr”! =)

  2. Sham Kumar says:

    excellent.. thanks :-)

  3. Katie Vigil says:

    So cool! I love your videos. I learn so much from you!

  4. Dawnita Alston says:

    you rock love your stuff!

  5. Philippe Nguyen says:

    Is it a nikon d300 or a d700 ??

  6. Pool mass says:

    Hey, I was just wondering what Nikon lens did you use to take your shots
    in the snow?

  7. Ella Hinton says:

    oh that is wicked!! love your photography skills! so glad I came across
    your channel. Awesome :D

  8. Attila A says:


  9. Steve Grisius says:

    The pictures are great but I would be to much scared for camera

  10. Avan Patel says:

    you sir are awesome.

  11. Fritters87 says:

    DSLR is a type of camera, it stands for ‘Digital Single Lens Reflex’, and
    it means that the viewfinder shows the image that appears through the lens
    by way of a mirror (and a pentaprism or a pentamirror). Olympus makes a
    DSLR camera called the E-5, but most of their cameras are ‘Mirrorless’
    meaning that the image you see is displayed via the sensor onto the rear
    screen or onto a mini screen in a viewfinder (if it has one).

  12. MegaSailor Moon says:

    Is Olympus a DSLR camera?

  13. VCAndrewsForever says:

    What shutter speed was he using for 2:00? His photography is absolutely
    amazing. 🙂

  14. Stéphane Gauthier says:

    Wow! Really impressive how this guy plays with its camera!

  15. eds trois says:

    Wow! Don’t miss this tutorial of #LightPainting with snow Too bad spring already looks like summer in
    Paris right now…

  16. Heidi Anne Morris says:

    from the amazingly creative Evan +Evan Sharboneau a really great video for
    creating some clever “in camera” snow shots :O)

    good stuff Evan, thank you X

  17. Skate4Life 753 says:

    The second step just turn manual and turn the flash on?

  18. al75an says:

    THANK YOU SIR!!!!!
    I totally loved it

  19. Skate4Life 753 says:

    Amazing result ! Thanks mate

  20. David Berry says:

    Cool Snow Photography

  21. Nathan Peacock says:

    +Donna Peacock you may not get all of this, but it may give you ideas

  22. Nicholas Shirley says:

    This is so amazing. Shame I had to watch it during summer in Texas 🙁

  23. BACbKA Ru says:

    this is

  24. PawelG9ine says:


  25. Diederick Kuiper says:

    what nikon are you using???

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