ShutterFest 2017 – It’s Never Too Early to Plan for Next Year!

by Skip Cohen

Okay, I get that it’s May and April, 2017 seems so far away, but this is one of those “you snooze – you lose” blog posts. If you haven’t been to ShutterFest, Sal Cincotta and the team just finished the 2017 promotional video I’m sharing below. The video pretty much says it all, but having been involved in all things “Shutter” since the beginning including Shutter Magazine, here’s a little more perspective on what ShutterFest really is.

ShutterFest is a community of friends and associates who all share a passion for imaging. The ShutterFest Forum on Facebook is a constant exchange of support, information and often plenty of humor. What makes it especially unique is that it’s become a troll-free zone. Everybody knows each other and as a result, nobody’s hiding behind the anonymity of a computer screen.  It’s all about the community and support for each other.

I know it sounds like a line from a series of consumer products, but ShutterFest is about “real people, real passion and real education”. Take it a step further into the consumer products world and it’s a conference “built by photographers for photographers.” And, while I know this stuff is sounding pretty hokey, there’s a reason why it’s become such an incredible event each year for so many of us.

So, stop procrastinating and register early! Click on the banner above to find out more and take advantage of the early bird registration price and also lock in your hotel reservation NOW! Then, once you’ve registered get yourself over to the ShutterFest Forum on Facebook so you can keep track of events coming up and get to know the rest of the family!

See you in St Louis April 18-19, 2017!

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