Setting Your Outdoor Security Camera System

Once you are through getting your own home security system you need to get it set properly. To start with you must set the burglar alarms correctly and all the motion detectors. This article will be mostly about setting up your outdoor security cameras.

Security cameras can serve a large purpose besides just providing security because most of the burglars do not want their pictures taken while doing their job. It might be a good idea to set one or two security cameras so that they can easily be seen from the road next to your house. This will stop most of the thieves from entering your premises but not the smart ones.

There are three types of burglars and the simplest ones will see that you have a surveillance system and avoid your house. The second ones will see that you have two cameras and do everything to avoid these two cameras. The third type knows that you have a lot of cameras and alarms even though you just have the two cameras showing. These burglars are the most dangerous ones since they usually have the means to make your security system ineffective.

Setting multiple cameras pointing from different directions to the same place will make it impossible for anyone to avoid the sight of the cameras completely. Having a home security camera system that records everything in two or even three different databases will make it impossible to delete the videos unwillingly. In some cases the burglars have deleted the recordings, but if you set your security camera system to upload the videos to a server which is located away from the protected building you will avoid this.

Pointing the cameras is another thing that should not be neglected since they will be the part of the system providing the info. It is a good idea to use a blueprint of your premises to be able to make sure that no part is left unmonitored.

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