Self-portrait & environmental ideas?

Question by abbyownsyoursoul: Self-portrait & environmental ideas?
Okay, so my high school photography teacher assigned a self-portrait, in your environment or something.
I don’t completely understand it, and I’ve never taken a self-portrait before.

I’m known to be very original or creative, but i have no ideas.
Any ideas at all would be incredibly helpful 🙂

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Answer by ice-cream lover<3
environment as in like outside or like you bedroom? if its outside try sitting in a tree or leaning against a tree in a pile of leaves or near a little pond. if hes means in your bedroom open your closet and take a picture in front of all you clothes or next to a funny picture. self portraits are easy just hold the camera out in front of you and take the picture! i hold the camera as far away as possible and make sure you dont get your arm in the picture, good luck!

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