Quick Tip from the BEACH – Tips for taking photos on the beach

http://froknowsphoto.com/qt-beach-photos/ I just landed from my trip to Ft Lauderdale Florida where I got to spend some time on the beach. While I was out th…

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25 Responses to Quick Tip from the BEACH – Tips for taking photos on the beach

  1. Mourad Goublié says:

    You are not funny

  2. Jennifer Lewitz says:

    Do you know you can take an AWESOME picture with your regular old fashioned
    camera? Not everyone can purchase those fancy camera.. But everyone can be
    an AWESOME photographer! Learn the complete tutorial from “MASTERING
    PHOTOGRAPHY IN SECONDS” from 9oood. Just Google it! The lesson worth 1000
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  3. kevinnguyen97 says:

    What about cruises?

  4. shin nohara says:

    well i went to the beach and my sensor, mirror and lenses are messed up! i
    freaking regret it!!

  5. hardaker44 says:

    Youve been saving up for a year but not bothered to learn about the cameras

  6. timtimzi ni says:

    What state does he reside in?

  7. waackomann says:

    Boomification !

  8. Paul Wilken says:

    nice work

  9. Fiziq Ashrani says:

    the title is the fro vs the water

  10. Cody Warner says:

    new word of the day….”boomification” 😀

  11. Robert Rodrigues says:

    Was hoping for some photography tips on this one. This was mainly a
    maintenance and cleaning tip more than anything. Could you do one on taking
    pics in this kind of atmosphere? Thanks Fro!

  12. boylaglag says:

    Hi Jared. How about some tips like if it’s really Sunny and u wanted to
    shoot. What should be our camera settings 🙂 THanks Jared Here in the

  13. Nicholas Ruo says:

    you should swing by st lucie county. its only about an hour or two away

  14. ryanalldread says:

    What’s your microphone setup man? Sounds really nice and wireless.

  15. Pedro Silva says:

    I would try to go to a full frame camera, like a used 5D MkII or a D700 and
    get some quality glass in front of the body.

  16. edenthedjguy says:

    I watched a crappy 45 sec ad… Because your worth it Fro!

  17. Wilson Tique says:

    Help!! I have a Nikon D90, I want to print a photo in metal, it was shot in
    RAW, converted to jpeg after editing, now is 12mb, and it was saved with
    300dpi, I was trying to use ADORAMA to upload it and have the photo print
    at least 24×30, Adorama’s software is telling me that the photo still as
    “low” resolution, 4288 × 2848 (actual dimension). what would it be the
    perfect resolution to print the photo and on which format (jpeg or Tiff)?
    can you please make a video. Thanks a lot in advance.

  18. Augustus Columbano says:


  19. edc4109 says:

    Fro is looking very Wolverine here in his pink swim trunks.

  20. usame1992 says:

    i watched no ad because of adblock+ *trollface

  21. fireymatt2 says:

    Here’s my personal opinion, take it if you wish, if you don’t I can
    understand :). The Canon 60D (it’s on rebate for $900 right now, and it is
    a good “middle body” camera), Canon 17-55 (probably the best crop zoom
    Canon makes), and a Canon or Sigma 50mm 1.4. That takes you to around
    $2500, and with the remaining cash you can buy a tripod, batteries, bag,

  22. GuitarBHL says:


  23. tourdumonde77 says:

    C´est simple, tu cliques dans la barre sur CC. Si rien ne se passe c´est
    qu´il n´a pas de traduction. Rien ne se passera vu qu´il n´a pas de
    traduction, Fro knows photo est uniquement en anglais. C´est un peu comme
    si un Indou ou un Japonais écrivait sous tes videos “comment avoir la
    version indi ou japonaise … ” :p

  24. Eman Jayme says:

    omg that dig bick… 🙂 thanks for the tip

  25. Angela Cheung says:

    From the thumbnail you just look exactly like that person from LMFAO

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