Pro Photographer, Cheap Camera Challenge (#4 Mark Chung)

In this 4th episode of PPCCC, we meet up with commercial photographer, Mark Chung, for a portrait session. But we give him a little surprise other than the c…
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25 Responses to Pro Photographer, Cheap Camera Challenge (#4 Mark Chung)

  1. nikanj says:

    I can’t believe he didn’t photograph the tough motorcycle guy smoking a pipe.

  2. atearattheseams says:

    He was joking.

  3. GLXLR says:

    Wow he is amazing

  4. Nano Kato says:

    Hasselblad 500EL/M 

  5. 奋 奋斗 says:

    $22 for Jordan Shoes;
    $22 for Prada Handbag;
    $22 for Gucci Sunglasses;
    $22 for Rolex Watches;
    ……..—-The Cheapest Shopping site !!!!!!!!!!

  6. Jerusi says:

    an old hasselblad ^^ but I guess you want to know the exact model right?

  7. Daniel Jimenez says:

    What kind of camera did he have when he got there?

  8. Danny H-L says:

    I’m into it- Mark Chung

  9. Ouro boros says:

    that guy is vaping!

  10. Stanri010 says:


  11. 1m2a3t4t5 says:

    Lol I kinda like the design…

  12. chee YieJian says:

    Never heard of a Leica ?!

  13. Dawid Krysiak says:

    I did some descent photos using cheapo vivitar camera

  14. omar hernandez says:

    mark chung is awesome…..

  15. Chirag Mehta says:

    How is this for a cheap cam?

  16. mosaicgraffiti says:

    I luv your videos. I hate Vivatar. My son has 2. They don’t ever work. Even though they are cheap. For an 8 year old with autism, we thought it would be ok starting out. Nope. I am going to try and save my funds to get a new camera so he can have my old canon.

  17. Paul Bryant says:

    “And, we’ve got a grittier camera, so you can put that away.”


  18. NicklasKorsholm says:

    i watched this video cos i saw the jersey :D

  19. Zac Yingling says:

    Plus for Detroit Red Wings!

  20. TheHornet79 says:

    Kai looks pretty badass on that bike

  21. TheHornet79 says:

    He didn’t call it his “WorkHorse” for nothing!

  22. MC5atheist says:

    dude is rockin a vintage red wings jersey….how awesome is that ?
    the wings have just made the play-offs for a staggering 22nd consecutive season. datsyuk & zetterberg are on fire and jimmy howard has been stellar in the pipes. lord stanley’s chalice shall come to roost in the motor-city once again.

  23. ovatsugrosas says:

    “im into it”

  24. andrew maude says:

    where can i buy one?

  25. helpfulArt says:

    Please can everyone check out my channel? Even if it’s not your kind of the thing the support would be amazing and if you could subscribe that would be even better! I really need your support, thanks! x

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