Portrait Photography : Good Poses for Head Shots

Portrait Photography : Good Poses for Head Shots

Good poses for head shots always include sitting up straight, tilting the body at a slight angle and taking a deep breath to relax all of the muscles. Pose t…
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25 Responses to Portrait Photography : Good Poses for Head Shots

  1. JennyFTOL says:

    You are crowding your model horribly, she has no space to even breath.
    This is making her look tense and as though she wants to escape.

  2. Jonathan Boutin says:

    I’m searching for a complete Tutorial for posing do you know where I could
    find somtehing like in this video ? thanks for this video

  3. Sam Tod says:

    she is hot

  4. Rodney White says:

    Simplicity!!! AHH Great video, short and sweet, but most of all, to the

  5. noobhammer4 says:

    blinking is sexy

  6. Baldoxxx4000 says:

    that man is a pedophile……i know because i……

  7. donny101193 says:

    shes, flawless…

  8. Erin M says:

    She does blink a lot! LOL

  9. Eugen Georgescu says:

    i was thinking about the same thing. looks like a pedo

  10. rbu2m says:

    Men should pose like feminine and not masculine? Why is that?

  11. wilhelmax says:

    Many thanks for the whole series! I appreciated very much your very subtle
    but effective way of getting in touch with the person in question. Nice job!

  12. posingsecrets says:

    Thanks for the great tips!

  13. zebrastres says:

    that guy is kind of scary. but, there are good tips.

  14. Douglas H Stout says:

    Awkward… poor Emily.

  15. goldencharlie says:

    A very useful tutorial! Thank you for sharing it! Carlo

  16. brentenireland says:

    Great simple practical hints thanks

  17. BlueBetaPro says:

    NO NO! Don´t shoot her!??!?!

  18. posingsecrets says:

    Thanks for the great tips! I would like to use it for my blogs if it is ok
    for you.

  19. B. Jack says:

    @noobhammer4 LOL this foo lmao

  20. zxbcx says:

    jesus christ woman stop blinkin

  21. xmlcruleznusuckx says:

    people blink when they’re nervous, maybe she was just nervous!

  22. dombower says:

    great advice! ill subscribe

  23. PatriotXIII says:

    good video, nice tips, nothing more to be said! 🙂

  24. Nagy Lehel says:

    lol, i just love how he pronounces headshots 😀

  25. ButRachaelsays21 says:

    @photoman022 shes seems to be blinking bc her hair is in her eyes

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