‘Point and Shoot’ photography – 5 tips

Mustache? It is for charity – see here: www.youtube.com Improve your photos using a point and shoot camera with these 5 tips. 1. Use your flash sparingly – turn it off when it isn’t vital 2. Consider getting a small tripod – DSLR shooting demands accesories – so does any serious shooting. 3. Consider your file settings and final use of the images – is small/fine more suitable than Large/standard? 4. Use your zoom – wide angle tends to be distorted and can present issues with the proximity of the flash to the lens. 5. Be creative! Consider your framing, angle, perspective and background. Just because it is a simpler camera doesn’t mean you should shoot without thought! In Australia I recommend Digital Camera Warehouse: bit.ly Outside Australia I recommend Adorama: bit.ly & Amazon: bit.ly ====== Sign up to our mailing list at www.thatnikonguy.com See all the latest photography news & reviews on my second channel here www.youtube.com Join in: www.facebook.com Twitter: twitter.com

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