Photojournalism and Photography Techniques: Tips From Ed Kashi

Award-winning photojournalist Ed Kashi joins us today on the Marc Silber Show to share tips on advancing your photography. His photojournalism work has cover…
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16 Responses to Photojournalism and Photography Techniques: Tips From Ed Kashi

  1. Danilo Rosales says:

    amazing shots and totally dramatic.. 

  2. Philly Blunt says:

    I respect what he does and the situations he puts himself in, but this guy is a total douche…..coined candid intimacy? What a pretentious cunt.

  3. Andrea Heidemarie says:

    Good morning! Have you thought about photo sfxart tricks (search on google)? My friend Paula made some mind blowing pictures with their photography tutorials.

  4. rahul choudhry says:


  5. Chris Carey says:

    Take a look at the work of Don McCullin’s.

  6. Silber Studios says:

    start by googling Ed’s work and see what he has done.

  7. Keagan oka says:

    you just explained the creative process for photojournalism perfectly; Now, can you please direct me to an album or photo-stream of emotionally profound work that was created in this manner?

  8. abiprinda says:

    once ed kashi came to my house

  9. Gianpaolo La Paglia says:

    Very inspiring!!! Thank you Marc.

  10. Short Pro Media says:

    If you are dumb, of course. If you listened closely that he only does that in tight positions, not all the time.

  11. diiaanaaaa says:

    a pure inspiration source

  12. x1mastershake1x says:

    delete your comment
    how can you even think about trying to diss ed kashi?
    no, dont even explain, just delete it

  13. Meadowhawk82 says:

    I really enjoyed the video! It’s great to hear a professionals perspective on their form of the art. Thank you!

  14. Brunomills says:

    Great video Marc Silber!!!
    keep up the great informative videos.

  15. Silber Studios says:

    you’re joking right?!

  16. fret2424 says:

    What I’m getting is:

    Show up at the right location, and hold the shutter button until the memory card is full. Replace memory card, and repeat.

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