Photography (Wildlife Photography)?

Question by Cody L: Photography (Wildlife Photography)?
I’m a wildlife photographer im out of high school and im not in any classes im just doing what i love. i’ve been doing it since i was 12 years old. I can be a freelance photographer and be successful right? im perfect at it.

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Answer by Becca
Of course! Do you have a deviantArt account? It’s one of the biggest art sites on the web. It’s a place where you can store your photos and get other people to critique them. :)) I’m a protographer ( High school ) and I hope to be a successful photographer one day. Don’t give up, go for it! :]]

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  1. pawpoint says:

    Well of course you can be succesful, but you have to be good. I dont want to burst your bubble, and im not saying this is true in your case, but there are HEAPS of teenage photographers right now who think they are good and that they will make pro phootgraphers when they are older, when pretty much all they do is point and click. I am not saying this is the cafe for you, but keep it in mind. PErhaps create a deviant art of Flickr account and upload some images and compare them with some pro wildlife photographers?!
    Good luck!

  2. Jeroen Wijnands says:

    Wildlife is a difficult market. There’s not many buyers for what you shoot and there’s a lot of competition from amateurs.

  3. Eliane29 says:

    To try your success, why don’t you sell your photos as stock (there’s competition, both amateurs & professionals, so you’ll be able to compare skills). One of the best sites to start is (
    Registration is free for contributors, from the feedback you could learn & improve.

  4. the traveller says:

    Show us your photos and then we can decided whether you are gonna be successful at it. (The fact that you have been doing it for 3-4 years doesn’t mean you are good at it. I’ve been singing my whole life and do it terrible!)

  5. darkroommike says:

    The people that can truly answer this question are the buyers. BTW you should get some marketing classes, business admin courses. And a lot of very sucessful wildlife photographers have other income so marry well or don;t quit your day job until you are very well established.

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