Photography tutorial: How to work with shutter speed |

This photography tutorial explains the importance of constantly taking note of the shutter speed after you meter. Watch more at…
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6 Responses to Photography tutorial: How to work with shutter speed |

  1. KimathyJMoose says:

    On the screen it will show as 60 for 1/60, 40 for 1/40, etc. so (it is
    confusing) “less than” 60 is slower/longer.

  2. toyoubala s says:

    One of my long time unanswered question got answered here. Maximum shutter
    speed value for a handheld shooting beyong which image might suffer a

  3. jhicel2010 says:

    Sir you are Great teacher 😀

  4. stephaniepike27 says:

    “My friends are here and I want to shoot them” haha

  5. Rama Kambhampati says:

    you are a Jackie chan in photography.

  6. smoked salmon for all says:

    You say “less than” 1/60 of a second, but don’t you mean more than, or
    *longer* duration than 1/60? Not a big deal, pretty sure I know what you
    meant but it just sort of confused me.

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