Photography Tutorial: How To Float In Mid Air In this photography tutorial I teach you how to take a picture of a person (or object)…
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18 Responses to Photography Tutorial: How To Float In Mid Air

  1. Sarin Murlidar says:

    When I try to color it doesn’t dissapear I don’t get why.

  2. Shafiullah Fahad says:

    i like the way u do it

  3. Glenn Angel says:

    hmm gotta admit adding a shadow would be good, as it looks fake without since your body has so much light from above…
    just a thought

  4. Scarypirahna says:

    well, r2-d2 wasnt available

  5. hank snow says:

    That was a really great tutorial, you make that look really easy, thanks bit.ly16PXWkf

  6. Kumarjit Biswas says:

    very good tutorial for beginners !! i liked it very much !!

  7. Colin Arnold says:


  8. TA B says:

    sounds like HAL9000 from 2001

  9. origenta sovila says:

    nc this is cool

  10. Rachael Tatarinchik says:

    2:50he sounds like a robot

  11. Russell Young says:

    It says photo is too big to export! HELP

  12. Ylva Maria says:

    i want to try this it looks so amazing just omg

  13. Phoenix Thistlelark says:

    Why couldnt u just say Photoshop it damn you and just be done with with it

  14. I Birnie says:

    Ok. Youre awesome. Enough said. Thanks… it was really helpful

  15. Jaden Goter says:

    If there weren’t nerds, there wouldn’t be Youtube.

  16. Blasey78 says:

    are u dumb levation is not real i think only if u go to siecnces maybe but ur stupid it not real

  17. cj nyberg says:


  18. xXNvidiouSXx says:

    I like your coment Ron, good job!

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