Photography Tips | White Balance Card


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25 Responses to Photography Tips | White Balance Card

  1. Carl Bussler says:

    Great tip. Just ordered some Vello cards and will start using them
    routinely. My copy of Lightroom 5 arrived today so I’m off to watch your
    other tutorials. Thanks!

  2. sonia urquiza says:

    Hello I’m looking for a good photoshop. What do you recommend ur videos are

  3. firebaboon says:

    Hi! This may be a silly question, but I will ask away anyway. What would
    you use the black and white card for? I have a grey card but not a black
    and white one. Curious. TIA

  4. theREALBANANAseed | Storm says:

    Right on! Great tutorial, I’m going to start doing this when I shoot!

    P.s. please make more :D

  5. Erik Naso says:

    Dig your channel bro. Learn a lot and I’m a video guy just wanting to be a
    better photographer.

  6. Michael Dunn says:

    Very great tip! Thanks!

  7. Pathan Kotiya says:

    Awesome tutorial David. Thanks a lot. As a professional photographer or in
    a professional photo shoot it understand the need to have these cards.
    However when you are shooting impromptu or at the spur of the moment,
    what’s the best way to get the right balance in Lightroom. Any suggestions?

  8. fallyhag says:

    This nearly got 10/10 for way you demonstrated it. But then you waffled a
    bit. When you switched to Lightroom you just talked about talking. Took the
    shine off a little. But this, if edited, could be best WB demo yet. Thanks
    for sharing :)

  9. MyLyn Wood says:

    New to your feed and am loving it! Maybe this is obvious but where did you
    buy those? If I just use paint chip colors would that work?

  10. cory parker says:

    What camera / lens do you use its freaking killer

  11. Anggeli Cruz says:

    Just “discovered” you! Nice video! Enjoyed watching it! Question…what
    preset did you use in this video? What do you recommend using for weddings?

  12. Kaleb Bolton says:

    Do more of these!! This one actually didn’t put me to sleep like a lot of
    other people’s do. Good work.

  13. Dante Velasquez says:

    is there a big difference between using a plain white card and a 18% grey

    really great tutorial! please do more :)

  14. Andy Raeber says:

    Thanks for taking the time to share your secrets. 

  15. James Vela says:

    Rad, thanks for the clear and concise tip.

  16. MacEdirol says:

    Very nice Devid

  17. jacobturnage says:

    Sick tutorial, really enjoying Lightroom CC more after watching your vids!
    Keep up with the field work ones! Those are sweet!

  18. lubna raffell says:

    you talk too much and too much about anything but the subject.

  19. AMclouds says:

    really good video, I liked how it was shot (the beginning) 

  20. Thiago De Almeida says:

    I just started shooting in RAW. Only now I really understand how the
    quality of my photos comes close each day to a National Geographic Magazine
    one. Thanks to people like yourself I keep on learn something new!

  21. Spade193 says:

    I love your tutorials, you have great photos and teach all in very nicely!
    The only thing that I don’t like is that there needs to be more videos

  22. Brendon Wainwright says:

    GREAT!!!! Thank you

  23. Tim Krause says:

    I could not agree more, I got one a few months ago and it saves sooo much

  24. Brandon Joseph says:

    very nice, gypsy. Good job on the video edit… i know that must have been
    a pain.

  25. Josh (JBNPhoto) says:

    Simple, easy, and quick = legit

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