Photography Tips Techniques : How to Make a Pinhole Camera

Making a pinhole camera can be done using a light-tight shoebox, a bit of black duct tape, black and white processing paper and a bit of aluminum foil. Creat…
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  1. zoe taylor says:

    the very last thing u say – “take out paper and process it.” what does it mean?? please

  2. zoe taylor says:

    i want i want !:)

  3. french tomz says:

    hey may 15 is my birthday

  4. Arjun Radeesh says:

    It is very useful information

  5. Kamal gupta l says:

    hurry reply please

  6. Kamal gupta l says:

    i have a small box will it work = 5.5 length 3 breadth

  7. Joanna Bella says:

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  8. Joanna Bella says:

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  9. pappiehaj says:


  10. micmoable says:

    That’s where the film can’t run—ha!

  11. micmoable says:

    That’s where the film can’t run—ha ha!

  12. Adam Skórzewski says:

    0:50 lblolblbobllllobyt 

  13. KingyKingKong says:

    HAHA NIKE shoe box !

  14. TheJammy12789 says:

    does the hole go all the way through or half

  15. James Hickman says:


  16. Miranda Lopez says:

    can we used it for in eclipse. hurry reply

  17. Harrison Kyte says:

    thanks really helped me there. School Project !

  18. MCBENNOFilmCrew says:

    thanks for your help its for science

  19. Arushi Agarwal says:


    A pinhole camera is a type of project which helps us get a real image of an object. The image that appears in it is inverted. The mirror image is virtual.

  20. Anya m.A says:

    im doing this for school thanks ;D

  21. Jigo Fulgencio says:

    I need this for school 😛 😀

  22. getmerit says:

    what does “process your paper” mean?

  23. alejandro katz says:

    This is a cool little project. I made one for my photography class in junior high. pretty cool.

  24. edward estabillo says:

    20,000 FTW

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