Photography Tips on Engagement Sessions Tip #18

This week Julie takes you on-location with her and reveals how she directs her clients. Thank you to Brent & Leanne for participating in Tuesday’s Tip! Slide…
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25 Responses to Photography Tips on Engagement Sessions Tip #18

  1. Michael Huff says:

    Thank you for the great tips! Glad I found this page!

  2. Layla Vaughn says:

    Awesome tips. I enjoyed…

  3. jjphotographic says:

    I Really wouldn’t bother with lame comments your client base and workload
    supersedes those negative comments, you first became known to me via
    youtube and i may have not commented before but i thoroughly enjoy watching
    all that you do here on youtube i am nowhere in your league of expertise
    but you inspire me and i’m sure other people as well i am indeed grateful
    for the time you spend constructing a video for others to learn from Best
    Regards Jeff

  4. Shirley Louissaint says:

    This was awesome, I do have my first wedding engagement session coming up
    this winter. Any winter tips?

  5. Chris Dittz says:

    You are great! I enjoy every tip. Thank you for sharing. Chris

  6. SuperAnnieOakley says:

    I love photography as a hobby & I must be doing something right, because I
    always have family & friends asking if I’ll do pics of their new babies or
    in this case, engagement photos for my nephew & his bride to be. Thanks for
    all the tips & ideas, they sure come in handy!

  7. johnyeros says:

    thanks for directing tips. you should do more video on poses direction.
    they’re so great in general 🙂

  8. William Rheaume says:

    Real nice. Big help. Thanks for the video

  9. Eric Wilson says:

    I’d like to see some tips on not so attractive (white) couples because I
    feel that attractive couples usually tend to be more of an easier avenue
    when it comes to getting great shots as opposed to maybe an overweight
    couple or perhaps even a handicapped couple who are skeptical they can get
    great photos of themselves. I’m not asking you to I’m asking if you have
    any tips I could use or perhaps in upcoming videos. Thanks and great work!

  10. Anh Truong says:


  11. vineimages says:

    @pwozniakfoto Thank you 😉

  12. wilkinsad says:

    This is awesome! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  13. jrgentile11 says:

    ugh… everyone with a DSLR thinks their a photographer! … and as for
    hands. I understand that when positioned wrong, hands can be distracting
    and even non flattering at times. BUT there are ways to position and relax
    fingers to make them attractive! I mean this is her ENGAGEMENT shoot! She
    wants to showcase her ring (on her hand)

  14. TotalMedia12 says:

    I think she is voluntarily sharing generously of some great ideas from her
    heart, her her head, and her genuine experience. I appreciate her great
    efforts. Your rudeness is uncalled for…and taints all the giving going on
    here. Nothing is as perfect as you…but I picked up a few tips here today.
    I think you should host episode 20 and show us where it is really at!!

  15. vineimages says:

    Wlfmi, I don’t call “this is the worst crap I’ve ever seen” constructive
    critism. I’m sure you’ve seen worse…lol. “It’s not what you say, it’s how
    you say it.” How you gave your feedback was rude, and it did hurt me. If
    you have some constructive critism, I would LOVE to watch you do a tutorial
    on posing.Do you have any???

  16. Printzfam says:

    You are very good

  17. arnoldgd84 says:

    Hi, A couple asked me to do their engagement photos. This is my first time
    and I dont know how much to charge them. I dont want to charge them to low
    or too high. How do you calculate how much to charge? Thank You

  18. Erin Railey says:

    That was amazing. I think I will watch it again to learn more! Thanks so
    much for putting this video up because placing my subjects is difficult for

  19. vineimages says:

    Thanks for your kind words TotalMedia12. I appreciate it 😉

  20. Vincent Dale says:

    Love this @vineimages I have to subscribe because i will shoot one this soon

  21. Laurence Mathis says:

    Hey there! Have you ever tried photo sfxart tricks (just google it)? My
    cooworker Catalina made some stunning pictures with their photography

  22. luckshaw964 says:

    I think you may have a bit of a hand phobia.

  23. vineimages says:

    Thank you for your comment and for watching the video, much appreciated

  24. Danally Ly says:

    Awesome tip!

  25. Tammy Montgomery says:

    You are awesome I have watched all of your tips & they are such wonderful
    tops.Thank you for sharing 🙂 Tammy

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