Photography tips-Lighting techniques. Low key lighting. More at:

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  1. Emmanuelkimfy2 says:

    looks like your pressuring her dude…she is a young girl GOSHHHHh!! take
    it easy, and she will be happy LOL!!

  2. evitigre says:

    very useful vids! Thanks!

  3. Joseph Trinh says:

    Good tips!

  4. CPPmaster says:

    Thank you. That was excellent. I appreciate you taking the time to share
    your knowledge.

  5. Evandiego16 says:

    He’s pro and I don’t think he’s creepy. Great vid!

  6. blackbelt760 says:

    I’d be happy to send you some professional work Ronnie..send me your email.

  7. Jordan Spalding says:

    light wrapping for green screen tutorial under “an empty room” on my
    behance page at behancedotnet/raptor

  8. Alex Riley says:

    typical creepy photographer, sounds like kermit the frog. good photographer
    though. 🙂

  9. MAGGZ214 says:

    Hello what lens is good for a family of 6? i have a 50mm 1.8 but its not
    wide enough.. what lens would you suggest? also what about a cheer team of
    30 girls in 3 lines tall to short. 10 girls in each line. ?? what lens for
    that as well.. I have anikon D200 thanks for your time. maggie 🙂

  10. Peter Charlesworth says:

    @AmbreNicole – read the rest of the comments… there are lots of creepy
    photographers out there and theres a whole bunch of people on here who
    agree that guy is creepy

  11. Steven Buri says:

    Thank you so much for this video sir!

  12. miscellaneousme91 says:

    thank you thank you thank you!!

  13. papiwe1 says:

    Great vid thank you so much

  14. airscrew1 says:

    Very good instructional video sir. I hope you paid your model well she
    showed a lot of patience.

  15. GotemCZ says:

    excellent result….

  16. blooneyful says:

    This guy is not creepy at all. period. he is a professional Photographer,
    when he needs the model to turn, or move in any way, it is almost
    impossible to not touch the model. Anyone who thinks that this guy is
    “creepy”, are most likely creepy individuals themselves.

  17. qqqAvi says:

    great shot… very useful… thank you!

  18. dombower says:

    i thnk he has hypnotised his subject. i should try that.

  19. MyEnglandDiaries says:

    This video was wonderful Thanks!

  20. smoore69 says:

    Very well done video

  21. TheRacingDude says:

    Great Video. It’s nice to see someone else that uses Alien Bees Lights (my
    favorites) and someone that KNOWS the right way to shoot portraits. I just

  22. blooneyful says:

    @kumasatra you are an insecure moron. you obviously don’t know shit about
    portraiture photography. go take your kids to walmart and get it done
    there. There is absolutely no shortage of dumb-ass people in the world, and
    you are one of the high ranking officials in that sphere my friend. You
    want to come in my studio, and i will put you through the freakin’ wall.

  23. apstubbs says:

    Well made. Thanks.

  24. magmatic ace says:

    very elegant and the child is so patient great job with the video

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