Photography Tips – How to Achieve Extended Daylight Exposures

Photography Tips - How to Achieve Extended Daylight Exposures

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25 Responses to Photography Tips – How to Achieve Extended Daylight Exposures

  1. David Turney says:

    If you do not have an ND filter can you just drop exposure compensation
    down instead? I have a polarizing filter.

  2. Neolino1708 says:

    interesting video, nice tipps and good results! and in 1080p perfect for my
    full hd sreen

  3. ibo852 says:

    @BloatedSensations Hey man thanks its funny because when i asked this
    question it was just out of curiosity but later i learned shutter speeds
    and aperture and saw that it was too light in deed and now you’ve answered
    it for me thanks! 😉

  4. unknownvictimful says:

    What a great photography….. thank you for the tips.

  5. meltdownman1 says:

    What’s the difference between the 2 types of filters and when do you use
    one verses the other? Thanks, The Meltdownman

  6. sacredgeometry says:

    Isn’t exposure compensation just an exposure bias that basically tells the
    camera to offset from where its metered exposure is? Surely thats the same
    as changing either the shutter speed of aperture depending on the mode you
    are in and in manual…which I am assuming he is in…it does nothing :S

  7. BeyaliVolk says:

    What Canon camera is that?

  8. FaLLeNaNg3L82 says:

    omg im no bloddy millionaire… how am i supposed to afford all this filter
    equipment and stuff? How about some tutorials for low budget people who
    only have their DSLR and tripod without fancy filters, flashes, assistants
    or pocket wizards?!

  9. Sandeep suman says:

    m sure u dont live far away from clouds. living far away from sea shouldnt
    stoop u from taking pictures…

  10. Johnathan Aulabaugh says:

    Awesome tip. Very nicely done

  11. Steve X says:

    Karl, are you using the ‘LEE’ filter system? Do you only purchase Lee
    filters or do you mix manufacturers?

  12. Issaminho Ohara says:

    wow fantastic/

  13. AssassinKatsumi says:

    @FaLLeNaNg3L82 looool you are speaking so much for me!!! 🙂 But I’m not
    having a tripod yet… still on my wishlist.

  14. ibo852 says:

    Hello GreatPhotographyTips, could you please answer my qustion? What is
    that piece of glass in front of the camera and what serves it for? Thank you

  15. SBCriss says:

    it sucks that I dont live near the sea 🙁

  16. atyl1972 says:

    @PoppyRoxxx has to be lee, they are the most expensive, but there’s a
    reason why that is…..

  17. Kamarul Nazrin says:

    great stuff

  18. Diogo ARD says:

    trie to do the same with a 4×5 velvia sheet

  19. skunkgecko says:

    @dcnutter exposure compensation works by changing aperture, shutter speed
    or ISO value while on either automatic or shutter/aperture priority mode.
    It is hence not possible when shooting in manual mode what karl is doing in
    this video as he clearly tells us that he’s using a 30 sec. shutter, a 16
    aperture and a 50 ISO.

  20. lsi624 says:

    Not sure if this helps but I think you want to make a custom WB with a
    piece of white paper….set up your shot configuration…then add the ND

  21. geforceoc says:

    what is the name of the song from the intro?

  22. Aviectus G. says:

    can you explain what have you done to combine the filters in front of the

  23. Jerry Lane says:

    i’d imagine it’s as much about the effect you want? If you had longer
    shutter speed then the water would be different, whereas if you use
    exposure comp., then those results would be different.

  24. Rafael Silva says:

    You’re an amazing photographer your work is just simply beautiful and
    breathe taking. You are living my dream

  25. zerozeroKAok says:

    i been watching your videos and they are all awesome… but was wondering
    if you were taking your shots in raw or jpeg to get such beautiful
    pictures? i need to get some ND filters. thanks.

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