Photography Tips Auto Focus Modes Part 2 – single point

Auto Focus Modes Part 1 ( we looked at the different AF controls available to help you get your images nice…
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8 Responses to Photography Tips Auto Focus Modes Part 2 – single point

  1. jhay says:

    Many thanks!!

  2. Lourika Reinders says:

    This is exactly what I was looking for – thank you for sharing Mike 🙂

  3. GabrielKnightz says:

    Like 🙂

  4. Eddy Lim says:

    great efforts… appreciated

  5. Billy Snowy says:

    That kid do drugsz..just sayin’

  6. hyperactiveSVK says:

    on my nikon p500 when i choose full-time auto focus focusing itself an
    object …or i can use 3D tracking …but when i have halfpressed shutter
    button like you it stops focusing i dont know if im doin somethin wrong or
    is that just camera :S

  7. Mike Browne says:

    Pleasure 🙂

  8. Steve howe says:

    nope, that kid’s actually giving a little help to Mike Browne, who happens
    to be a great photographer and also a brilliant teacher, and has been
    generously passing his knowledge to all of us. Now, YOU should head off to
    any place else with this type of comments..

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