Photography Techniques : How to Shoot Wildlife Photography

One of the most important skills for taking photographs of wildlife is the ability to blend into the natural surroundings to avoid scaring the animals. Take …
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5 Responses to Photography Techniques : How to Shoot Wildlife Photography

  1. fuzzymonkey79 says:

    Guys this is why i have a ghulie suit walmart 70$ helps so much

  2. AmateurPhotography says:

    Great photography!!!!

  3. zzxzqwq says:

    So need a long lens then. To get a far away from them a get good views OK then. Wide angle could be issue then.

  4. freelanderjason says:

    i’ve photographed lions and tigers in their natural habitat and I wouldn’t like to do that with a 70mm lens!

  5. John0eer3 says:

    I like what you said except for having to have a minimum of 300mm lens because I get really close to animals and I only have a 70mm lens

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