Photography Subjects & Lighting : How to Make Your Own Photography Lighting

Photography lighting can be made from common supplies, such as clamp lights from the hardware store, high-wattage florescent lights and parchment diffusers. …

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21 Responses to Photography Subjects & Lighting : How to Make Your Own Photography Lighting

  1. AllstarWeather says:

    … P… Paul Rudd?

  2. Kadeem Dick says:

    very informative 

  3. suzazoom says:

    I found the video helpful, especially the part about setting the camera to
    the color temperature.

  4. Mary Chuy says:

    Thank you! great ideas, low cost.

  5. KVID1000 says:

    You talk too fast too follow properly.

  6. Elvis Vikic says:

    Less talking, more doing. Also, not trying to be rude… However, you are
    very awkward.

  7. goldmouth100 says:

    Thanks a lot ..I am very appreciative of this video

  8. Renilreb says:

    … and it’s Kelvin, not Calvin

  9. evileyez504 says:

    how to make it clamp???

  10. Nathan Graves says:

    Not a huge fan of this video… but your photography is AMAZING! Just
    thought I would tell you that… 🙂

  11. Farhan Tauheed says:

    comma fullstop Puleeze!!!

  12. pitochupon says:

    Oh man you talk to fast and you do not stop , plus you did not show how to
    built it.

  13. MoiN AnjuM says:

    What the hell? at-least show us how to use this equipment :/

  14. itconsultant1996 says:

    waiting waiting waiting for him to actually show how to diffuse this clamp
    light…..says he’s going to show it……then finally does talk about it
    ONLY for the last 30 seconds! Dude….this video is the perfect example of
    why a script and a director is needed to keep your ass on task. Bad
    job….do it, don’t gab on and on about your lens. The title of this was
    lighting, not using the lens and aperture blah blah blah…..

  15. RebornMaker says:

    To appreciate this video a person would have to take an intensive
    photography class. I have no idea of all the terms being said.. I just want
    to know how to make a simple light box. Wow!

  16. appygirl970 says:

    thank you

  17. appygirl970 says:

    thank you for the info

  18. Berline Thelusma says:

    i would rob ur house just to take ur camera…

  19. 4Patat says:

    Got my 1.4 an my 85 on 22 and drag that shutter and looks kinda posed…
    Shut THE hell up. You got the big gear we get it allready. This guy would
    do great on the market.

  20. efkay88 says:

    dont forget to breath!

  21. Sherman Snyder says:

    it’s 65 hundred not thousand

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