Photography ideas for rainy days?

Question by MistyCreek: Photography ideas for rainy days?
Its raining very hard outside, and i feel like taking photographs… Any ideas?

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Answer by JDDR
Focus on reflections. Rainy days are great for taking pictures of reflections in the water whether it be the focus of the picture or an accent on the picture.It can produce some really interesting and sometimes confusing pictures. Give it a go.

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  1. ET says:

    Keep your camera, and its lens DRY! Take pics from inside your car, or thru open windows in a building. Do close-ups of small stuff (macro setting) found under bridges, in old barns. Pictures of fresh food in grocery stores.

  2. artphotosforsale says:

    On rainy days I usually shoot one of the following:

    Interior architecture

    Still life images

    Models for art or commercial

    Product photography

    Portraits, fashion and candid images are a few more options.

    Sometimes, if I have something important in mind, I’ll shoot outside in the rain, but generally, I’m not going to risk my very expensive equipment just for fun.

    You can also use this as a good way to learn more about your camera. Shoot a row of objects from different distances at different apertures to see how it affects your depth of field for example.

  3. Candid Chris says:

    If you find the right place out of the rain but shooting into it, it makes for some nice effects.
    There is a photo of a Blue Heron on my Flickr that will show what I mean.

  4. Mark says:

    Ok, two approaches:

    1). Go outside with umbrella, walk about and shoot all the things that interest you, the water adds a finish to things that can add a visual touch that is not there when it is dry out.

    2). Stay inside, get your tripod, get a table near a window and set up a still life to shoot using the soft available light from the window. (some white board to reflect light can be good). This option you will stay dry.

    : )

    My 2 cents.


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