Photography Cameras?

Question by Elizabeth C: Photography Cameras?
I really need a new camera. And I love photography. I currently have an A-1 Canon. I want a digital camera, though. =/ Suggestions?
Need a good digital photography camera. I don’t have a budget. I just need a good camera.

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Answer by Kelli
What’s your budget?

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  1. Paula says:

    I purchased a Canon Digital Rebel Xti in November. I LOVE it. It is my first SLR and to me, it is awesome. It takes some learning after having only point and shoots before, but I feel it was a very worthwhile purchase. Of all the people I know that own this camera, there are no bad reviews. Good luck on your hunting.

  2. catsmeowjrk2000 says:

    I am using a NikonD50 in my photojournalism class and I love it. It has so many settings that make photography easy.

  3. Dr. Sam says:

    If you have a few lenses and budget is not a concern, get a Canon EOS 400D. If the lenses are old, though, they won’t be compatible with a new digital camera anyhow.

    If you are open to any suggestions at all, though, I like Nikon and would suggest the D80 as the “hot ticket” right now.
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  4. Sam J says:

    i was in the same spot as you and i went Sony Alpha and i love it! other than that i would choose the Cannon digital rebel XTi

  5. brian_rmsy says:

    The Lens you have for the A1 will not fit newer Canon.
    This is the reason I went with Nikon when I was getting my first camera. Nikon is loyal to their Photographers, by not changing their lens mount,and that means a lot to me, plus I think it’s a better system.
    With a Nikon you can do something like this.
    that you can’t do with a Canon because it doesn’t have double exposure capability.

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