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I am a current owner of a Canon S3 IS. That is the only photography equipment I own. Christmas and my birthday are coming up soon. What lenses should I ask for? Lighting? A whole new camera? Money is not really a problem but prices would be nice.
This is my dream not a hobby.

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Answer by b.donaldson1110
Theres loads of lenses you can go for.
Fish eye lenses are pretty cool, but i wouldn’t look at them yet really.
I think we need more info really, if you like wildlife photography, go for a large mm lense. Like a telephoto lense.

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  1. Nathan Grammatico says:

    Since you’re obviously a beginner, you should go for a starter Digital SLR camera, a big upgrade from the Canon S3IS. A good entry-level digital SLR is the Canon eos XSI with an 18-55mm lens- It’s Great!

    It has a three inch screen, live view, Twelve megapixels, and a kit lens that features image Stabilization- a camera that any amateur would love. It’ll get you started, here’s a kit from for a good price:

    That’s a Bargain, lighting and additional lenses would set you back around one thousand more. Studio-like Photography isn’t cheap. There’s cheaper alternatives if you don’t plan to be Professional.

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