Photo Tips: Aperture

Submit your photos and Win with TVO: Rannie Turingan aka Photojunkie offers up some tips on how to use your camera’s aperture. Through…

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4 Responses to Photo Tips: Aperture

  1. Arijit Chakraborty says:

    ur totally wrong about aperture its a totally different concept wen u take
    a photo u need aperture according to the outside

  2. roderrick123 says:

    you suck!!!!

  3. Yarbols says:

    you can’t define a term with itself. simply put Aperture is the size of the
    hole in your lens {not camera}. it can be made bigger and smaller. The
    bigger the hole, the smaller the number. If you think in terms of fractions
    it makes more sense… ie: 1/2 is larger than 1/16, right? now just remove
    the {standard or} one from the front of the fraction… makes it easier to

  4. photojunkie says:

    Indeed. You are correct. What I should have said is a lower F-stop for less
    depth of field and higher F-stop for greater depth of field.

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