Pet Photography: How to Photograph Cats & Dogs

MyPhotoSchool Tutor Paul Walker introduces his brand new pet portraiture course; How to photograph cats and dogs. In Paul’s 4 week on-line photography course…

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7 Responses to Pet Photography: How to Photograph Cats & Dogs

  1. Yonathan Zarkovian says:

    found it
    check my-photo-school to find the course of Paul…

  2. Yonathan Zarkovian says:

    No link to the course, and there are many Paul Walker photographers in Google land.

  3. hauff says:

    He looks very tired.

  4. Donald Noriega says:

    I enjoy taking pet photography it is easy and I learn how to deal with man s best friend. I like this video very informative.

  5. Roland Giroux says:

    where is the Link to your course??

  6. Lois Croft says:

    Very informative and well done video. You do excellent work.

  7. leopardgecko1122 says:

    How much do you charge

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