Outdoor Portrait Lighting Tips

Some quick tips and tricks for getting better lighting for outdoor portraits at mid-day when the sun is at its apex. Let me know what you think and if you ha…
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13 Responses to Outdoor Portrait Lighting Tips

  1. hatem alzahrani says:

    I notice that they using a small aperture in the portrait rather than the big one ..
    but why ??

  2. Tony Bracci says:

    Great video which really simplified the subject of lighting for me. It’s less overwhelming now! Thank you very much!

  3. jamil ghanayem says:

    Hello Mr Casey
    i have a question , my friend called me to photograph his graduation this month , i’m just worried about the best settings, speed-light or not , lenses , because they dancing and moving in different lights situations , so what is the best settings for the shooting in day light , also in prom night in hotel whole , there is of course low light and a lot of movements .


  4. sreenivas grandhi says:

    really really usefulll

  5. Alix Mumba says:

    Very useful, thanks & greetings from South Africa

  6. sawanit11 says:

    Straight to the point.. awesome tips! Look forward to more portrait tips..

  7. a blue shed production says:


  8. Boyd C. George says:

    Thanks for this video. This is exactly what I was looking for.

  9. Casey Fatchett says:

    You can find information on all of the gear on my blog post – the link is in the video description.

  10. Casey Fatchett says:

    1/500 of a second. With the Pocket Wizard wireless flash units, I just set to E-TTL. The Pocket Wizard units allow for higher sync speeds.

  11. asiboy29 says:

    what is your shutter speed when using the speed lite? do you use e-ttl? thanks for the tutorial!

  12. BonusVideoView says:

    Way to go! Please subscribe to my channel for more helpful tips & videos.

  13. harizle says:

    hey many, great video. Could you list the the item names of the equipment you were using in regards to:
    diffuser clamp
    Softbox Clamp / Hotshoe mount.

    I’m having some trouble finding reviews on these very specific items.

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