old facebook profile pictures?

Question by happyjelly72: old facebook profile pictures?
If I delete an old profile picture, does it delete the original picture as well if it is a picture from my album? And if it is not my picture is my tag removed? Is there a way to delete old profile pictures but keep myself tagged in the pictures?
Okay, so i have pictures in my profile album that i no longer want there because that is the first thing people see when they add me or whatever, and i want to get rid of the old ones of me. but i dont want them deleted from facebook forever because i dont have the pictures anywhere else. so i just need to know how to delete it fromt he album but not from facebook, i still want to e tagged in the pictures but under picture of me not in my profile picture album. thanks in advanced for explaining if this is even possible. sorry if i dont make sense.
i need more answerss! please!

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Answer by θκѕθ єℓιτα™ 〓ɹǝɹǝʍsuɐ uɐıuoɔɐɹp
Elaborate your information a little bit more.

If you remove the picture from the album, then your profile picture is removed. If you make the profile picture default, then you are not deleting the original picture.

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