Nikon Wedding Photography Lenses & Cameras

Nikon Wedding Photography Lenses & Cameras Nikon Wedding Photography Camera & Lenses: Nikon D700, Nikon D90, Nikon 70-200 f2.8 VR II, Nikon 85mm f1.4, Nikon 135mm f2.0 DC, Niko…
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  1. Darwin Garza says:

    thanks for commenting and good luck to you as well!

  2. Darwin Garza says:

    id go with something a little more durable. im not sure how it would hold up shooting 1000-1500 shots in one day.

  3. Darwin Garza says:

    its a spider holster and eye hook for black rapid strap.

  4. Darwin Garza says:

    i didnt upgrade. just added a D3 and a D800E to my existing gear. Two lenses to bring would be the 24-70 and 70-200mm because you would be 80% covered by the two lenses.

  5. Darwin Garza says:

    my experience is the 28-75 is a great lens. dont know too much about the newer 24-70 tamron but i heard its great. the 28-75 is a great budget walk around lens.

  6. Darwin Garza says:

    i didn’t upgrade. just added the D800E and a D3 to my existing line of cameras. I dont think ill be getting into a D4 anytime soon.

  7. Darwin Garza says:

    only on my site and facebook page.

  8. Darwin Garza says:

    18-135mm. you can use a 50mm but youll have more uses for the zoom.

  9. Darwin Garza says:

    i havnt tried the actual tamron, but i do know youll will use that focal length a whole lot. the tamron 28-75 served as a great back up. i can only imagine the newer version to be better.

  10. Darwin Garza says:

    will do.

  11. Darwin Garza says:

    on a D90 i suggest the 105mm DC

  12. Darwin Garza says:

    Hope i didnt reply too late, but the 24-70, you can shoot the entire wedding with it.

  13. Darwin Garza says:

    85mm is great but youll probably benefit more from a 70-200.

  14. Darwin Garza says:

    i might just do a video on it….ive received so many request to show how i made the strap!

  15. Darwin Garza says:

    definite should be on list but i didnt use it much except when i needed a super wide for venue shots. but the 24-70 was plenty for me.

  16. Darwin Garza says:

    for portraits i use the 85, 135, or 70-200mm. if your using dx, then the 50mm will be just fine. 

  17. Darwin Garza says:

    D5100 still a great camera! its about your skill, so dont feel silly at all.

  18. Darwin Garza says:

    I have not tried the 85 1.8 . I can tell you that both 85 1.4’s are EXCELLENT. Id save for the 1.4 instead. 

  19. Darwin Garza says:

    Good kit. Its all you need basically. Other than maybe a back up lens for the one you use most.

  20. Darwin Garza says:

    Make sure to get it early and master your gear before you shoot. 

  21. Robert Thomas says:

    I’m planning to purchase some Nikon gear soon because I will be shooting some weddings later this year. I really liked your video.

  22. David Suazo says:

    Hello brother, thank you for such great video! I got started with a Nikon d3000 for 2 years and recently upgraded to Nikon d7000 with the 18 105m Nikon lens, thank you for your video it is very helpful. Good luck bro!

  23. Lord Trini says:

    Good Stuff… What do you think about shooting a wedding with a 14-24mm, 50mm, 70-200mm and a 105mm Macro for details. 

  24. Jacob Photomaniac says:

    How much? 2000 euro? I am starting with a nikon d3200… Hope i will end up with a nikon d3x… And all lenses

  25. gewooneerlijk says:

    Dear Friend

    I like watching your vids

    Please can you tell me which off both lenses make sharper image quality for portrait
    between 85 f1.8G and 85 F1.4G is there any difference between them.?

    Please can you tell me which off both lenses make sharper image quality for portrait
    between 85 f1.8G and 85 F1.4G is there any difference between them.?

    Would the 85mm lens good for shooting carnival pics or vids

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