Nikon flash photograpy tip: Menu settings; flash shutter speed vs flash sync speed If you like the video please subscribe and share on facebook and twitter. Also check out the links below. If you really…

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25 Responses to Nikon flash photograpy tip: Menu settings; flash shutter speed vs flash sync speed

  1. ProjectRecon1 says:

    You lost me right when you started going into the menu settings :/

  2. Norman Butler says:

    Thanks Dom, never fail to like your uploads.

  3. Donald Wolff says:

    thanks don you thaught me things I didnt even know I didnt know! Not making a joke, but this was a great training vid.

  4. Jepraw says:

    lol, wowww u have time for that.

  5. Snakekilla12 says:

    fast forward funny

  6. crispycritterz says:

    He’s from New York. Even they don’t know what they’re saying most of the time.

  7. Joshua Kleiner says:

    @gregorycazillo Oh man I need sleep. I didn’t even notice that.

  8. M Potter says:

    Yes, Greg was one of the three down-to-earth, kind hearted people I ever knew. Thanks Greg and Mr. Bower

  9. M Potter says:

    Dear Greg, I cannot thank you enough. Your explanation was mostly towards the technical aspect of Shutter/Sync Flash Speeds. Mr. Bower covered other parts in a funny way.
    Thanks again.

  10. M Potter says:

    Dear Greg, it was me, indeed.

  11. AppleIsTheBest says:

    have you done with the review of the strip ?

  12. guunther1 says:

    ROFL, that was very entertaining Mr Bower, gr8 editing again well done.

  13. Gregory Cazillo says:

    I prefer to comment via social media so others can benefit….post it on my facebook page or tag me on google+. If you need an invite to google+ email me I have a few left.

  14. jh3835 says:

    dom, i love you man, no homo. helped me a lot.

    im going to go play with my camera now…..

  15. leolol says:

    @gregorycazillo i have just bookmarked your site and subscribed to your youtubechannel 😉 i miss your aspect in the videos so I am glad that i found you here, with your one channel! do you critique photos via email? just text, not a video?

  16. Gregory Cazillo says:

    critiquing photos? Maybe in the future. Right now I am concentrating on high quality content on a weekly basis. I have a big announcement coming next week, join me! cazillo .com/articles/37-photography/119-contest-contest-contest-win-a-black-rapid-rs-7.html

  17. Gregory Cazillo says:

    Wow “Flush” would make it confusing! LOL…

  18. leolol says:

    @gregorycazillo mhmm too bad … 🙁 i dont understand jareds reason but i think you also dont… 🙁 are you doing photo critiques of some sets?

  19. Joshua Kleiner says:

    “Flush shutter speed” in the menu just seems too vague or poorly worded, I can see why someone would be confused.

  20. Gregory Cazillo says:

    Maybe Dom and I, wont ever happen again with jared. See these vids/posts: watch?v=jnLDa0TuW64 and cazillo .com/articles/37-photography/92-end-of-the-line.html

  21. TraceurZeno says:


    You are a top man, for taking the time to explain all this!


  22. leolol says:

    @gregorycazillo some people just dont get it 😉 love yours, fro´s and dom´s vids!! what about a meeting of you three?

  23. fallensk8rbn19 says:

    Hey Dom, great video. I have a question for you (I have been shooting for around 2 and 1/2 years now but have no education in the field what so ever). I take a lot of skateboard photography with a D80 and 2 sb600 with radio transmitters to wirelessly use my flash. I have found that the max flash sync speed is 1/200. I generally shoot at 1/200th but still have trouble getting a super crisp shot. I do not understand if there is anything I’m doing wrong or if theres anything wrong with my setup

  24. Richard Bradbury says:

    Washed out colours will either be exposure is off or white balance.

  25. Dombowerphoto says:

    @gregorycazillo I guess you were one of the 3!

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