Nikon D850 Announcement – The Monster Has Arrived!

Nikon D850

Back in July, Nikon teased us with its “development announcement” of the upcoming D850 camera. Aside from a teaser video and some hints here and there about what to expect from the upcoming DSLR, Nikon gave no other information, so we had no clue what to expect in terms of specifications. Today, the company has finally revealed the upcoming high-resolution monster, the Nikon D850. And I have to say, this is without a doubt Nikon’s most technologically advanced cameras to date. First of all, Nikon was able to cram quite a few pixels into the full-frame sensor – 45.7 million of them to be exact. However, that’s not the impressive part, since we have already seen a full-frame sensor with even more resolution. What’s truly impressive, is that Nikon has been able to deliver this resolution at a whopping 7 frames per second (fps), which is one heck of a lot of data to push through any camera! Autofocus-wise, the Nikon D850 gains the same powerful AF system from the Nikon D5 (with a total of 153 autofocus points) and with the added power of a battery back, it is possible to even get to 9 fps, which makes the camera a versatile choice for all kinds of photography – from landscapes and macro to sports and wildlife. In addition, Nikon has also made the D850 an attractive choice for movie makers, because it can deliver 4K video shooting without any cropping. Couple all this with a few extra features and functions that we have never seen on any Nikon camera before, and the D850 looks like an absolute monster. Let’s take a look at what the camera has to offer in more detail!

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