Nikon D7000 Tutorial: All Settings, Menus, Functions by Carlos Erban

Nikon D7000 Tutorial: All Settings, Menus, Functions by Carlos Erban

This is a step by step tutorial on on the Nikon D7000 Settings. I have had the Nikon the D7000 since it was first introduced. In this video, I discuss in det…
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25 Responses to Nikon D7000 Tutorial: All Settings, Menus, Functions by Carlos Erban

  1. Chris Ryan says:

    G’day Carlos ! Thank you for your video. I have learned heaps from this
    and really appreciate the time that you have taken to put the video on You
    Tube. Cheers from Sydney Australia.

  2. Imperiatus says:

    I am a novice. I have owned my Nikon D7000 for over a year, and basically
    used the camera as a point & shoot; no idea about ISO, aperture etc… Very
    interested to learn and this tutorial is great for me, to get started
    learning how to use the camera. I didn’t know anything about ISO or F Stop,
    beforte watching this video!! Thanks!! Jim

  3. Zack Ahmad says:

    Auto Focus on Nikkor 50mm 1:1:8D is not working. Please help.

  4. Nabil EA says:

    Merci c’est bien expliqué bonne continuation

  5. Susan Burnett says:

    I have been trying to download your tutorial for the last 3 hours and still
    it isnt even half way. Is there another way that i can download this
    information. What i have seen is so helpful that i would really like to see
    the who thing. Please help. Many thenks Sue

  6. UMUHOZA ALAIN says:

    Hello,My name is Alain Bertrand i need somone have used Camera of Nikon to
    suppport me Thx you my e-mail

  7. jack porter says:

    very useful video ! Is D7000 professional type camera?

  8. nathan rozenfarb says:

    Muchas gracias,buen tutorial,

  9. Slobodan Brankov says:

    Very helpful tutorial. Thank you. Looking forward to get some tutorials
    about shooting 😉

  10. Byron Revolorio says:

    can’t wait to go out and used the hell of my d7000.

  11. Gio Sanz says:

    Super Super video ¡ thank you Carlos !

  12. Richard Scobie says:

    I have this camera and you tutorial is excellent, Thank You very much

  13. ericalex6 says:

    Really like your D7000 Tutorial Sir, THANKS

  14. Mahan Singh says:

    Pretty helpful for everyone… thanks for the upload mate

  15. BartLouwers says:

    Good video though.

  16. Carlos Erban says:

    practice and ask questions! Try to go out to shoot with more advanced

  17. 94LG says:

    at 6:23 you said that if you leave the lens at M/A (AF) and the body a
    Manual (or vice versa) then it can mess with your camera. why is that and
    how will it affect your camera/shots? thx !

  18. rslehner says:

    Great video. Thank you…

  19. Giovanni Barbarino says:

    thank you amigo. Today a buy a D7000.

  20. aleaya salleh says:

    this is AWESOME…best tutorial…

  21. Manikandan R J says:

    really informative, tanx. this has all the that wanted to know

  22. frequifroy says:

    thanx for the tutorial it help me a lot specialy that my camera manual is
    in Norweigian. i was just wondering if there is an all around lens for this
    type to capture both portrait and landscape. on my mind i was thinking of a
    50mm or 35mm. what do you think is best?

  23. Charles Rankin says:

    Thanks Carlo. Setting my Nikon D7000 17-55 f2.8 the info you gave is ver
    helpful. USMC Disable Veteran.

  24. TrimiixhaJahos says:

    Fantastic tutorial Carlos; thanks a lot! By the way, besides nikkor 18-200
    mm that I use for all situations, what other lenses would you recommend?

  25. Amit Ranjan says:

    Awesome video, very detailed and informative.

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