Night Photography

Night photographers generally have a choice between using artificial light and using a long exposure, exposing the scene for seconds, minutes, and even hours…

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  1. savagefooldh says:

    The Canon plug at the beginning made me quit watching.

  2. Cliff Carlo says:

    Jeeeezussss why use two words, when 5000 will do????

  3. Peter Johnson says:

    what’s better, low iso around 100 to 200 or higher 800 to 1000 on a 7d or 5d mark iii ?

  4. andi MALALANG says:

    @11:27 is that slow shutter speed? i m still trying to find a way how to make all the surrounding objects blur and 1 particular object clear

  5. ShadowwwLFS says:

    There is no such thing as “optimal settings”. They completely depend on what situation you’re in, what camera/lens you have, and what kind of result you want to achieve.

  6. dieeser says:

    Put the camera on TIMER, like 2 seconds, clic the button and it will avoid any shake

  7. Roy Keen says:

    man you really helped i used to think night photography is so hard thanks to you i now know its nood all i need is a $4000 camera and $2500 lens thanks man you saved my day

  8. SarniaSteel says:

    was not being literal but I think you got my point lol

  9. tumba wumba says:

    lens is 4 2700

  10. SarniaSteel says:

    was not being literal but I think you got my point lol

  11. cockyjeremy says:

    More like $2000. lol.

  12. Edward Bliffin says:

    Very Nice Video..good Info

  13. 2011SuperFrank says:

    I expected the tips and I got the price info and other specs that are not required for me. I just need the optimal settings and precautions to be taken.

  14. Jayasish Chakrabarti says:

    i am with you

  15. lethunder10 says:

    Is there any chance of getting a physical copy of these charts??

  16. petermoel2 says:

    That looks like a video of someone who is totally into camera specs, rather than shooting. Lots of technical info that may be interesting, but only a few seconds showing example shots and then no info how exactly those shots were taken. I was a bit disappointed by this video. Anway, people, get out there and shoot, shoot, shoot!

  17. kontube00 says:

    too much info. we need to see or know the set up of ” how to take a picutre of some one at night and a beautiful lighting in the back”
    what setting of ISO, Shutter speed? white balance? with flash or no?

  18. jenni hanniver says:

    i like the tutorial,but too much plug in…

  19. muslin backdrops says:

    So true.. I totally agree in this information..

  20. VinceLA91 says:

    Do you need to be in an ocean to take a picture or can you just pay through college? 

  21. SarniaSteel says:

    all you really need is a camera that can handle low light as he holds up a camera with a 5000 dollar l lens lol

  22. stephen pappalardo says:

    brian o conner? 

  23. RSBSTEADICAM says:

    Yea it’s an empty park, everyone with half a brain is sacred to death of the area at night as it’s “owned” by the Bloods and the Creeps or is that Crips!!! Yea use light weight stuff so you can run away fast!!!

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