Night Photography Tips When Shooting Urban Architecture

Photography Tutorial Video to demonstrate settings for Night Photography. Post: Lightroom Adjustment Setting (see below) Contrast +50 Highlights -10 Shadows …
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25 Responses to Night Photography Tips When Shooting Urban Architecture

  1. Michael Gruich says:

    Great info! Thanks

  2. Christian66991 says:

    1:58 … ahah cop right there 😛

  3. skinnyhen says:

    Nice shot mate! trying different angles can make all the better.

  4. rontz says:

    Please get an extra microphone for your collar – it’s hard to understand anything.

  5. LearnMyShot says:

    you know that’s what I though while filming the video. And when I went to the website to put a link where to get a permit for you guys… I saw that the site had bunch of new info and the shocking part was that you are now allowed to shoot with tripod without permit…. and it said rules revised 2008. and you right every time I would rig up a tripod a cop would appear…. but I had permits all the time and they asked for it… except this time for video above..

  6. th2006 says:

    In 2008 Oct, I was stopped by a policeman saying tripod was not allowed. That was in Manhattan area.

  7. dieguitomalbec says:

    Planet Earth maybe?

  8. Antonio Rodriguez says:

    regrettably… Venezuela =(

  9. LearnMyShot says:

    which part of the world is that?

  10. Antonio Rodriguez says:

    We can´t shoot at night here, Not because of the police, but because of thieves =(

  11. TheAnimatedPeter says:

    Wait! Wait! Wait! You’re worried about police because of a tripod law (one I’ve never heard of) meanwhile you’re taking these shots with your body leaning against a police car??? LOL I’d be more worried about the filming than the actual photography out on the streets of NYC LOL Especially for “commercial” shoots such as this… that was an ad I saw before this video right? LOL Thanks for the tutorial! Wish I would have seen the lights. Definitely would have caught a few shots

  12. Charlie Sill says:

    Robert and Sasha!!!!! You rock! Love all your videos! Thank you for sharing your talents and ideas-too much fun!

  13. John M. Raggio says:

    You are welcome to request a refund for the tutorial 😉 Great video. I liked the shots. I just subscribed. I’m looking forward to more videos.

  14. LearnMyShot says:

    thank you 🙂 give it a try – shooting at night time is fun

  15. LearnMyShot says:

    totally agree. I do have a directional mike but that day I was coming back from a job (thus had all my cameras and tripod with me and after I saw the building in rainbow colors I spontaneously decided to shoot a video… so it was a built-in camera mic…. which does sounds crappy ….

  16. Kimberly G says:

    Love these photos!! They’re gorgeous with the rainbow lights! You are so talented! I admire your work very much. Thank you for sharing with us.

  17. andreaacme says:

    Ermmm … at 02:02 you are standing right in front of a police car?? 🙂

  18. amazinggadgets says:

    Please either do a voice over, or use a clip on mic to minimize background noise. How do you expect people to use your tips when you can’t even get basic video techniques right.

  19. crepaccio says:

    bang bang bang? Ok….. o_o

  20. keepurheadup2 says:

    Thank you.

  21. Michael J. MacIsaac says:


  22. Harshith JV says:

    Haha very funny first half you say photographers should be alert that they might get arrested. Next moment you shoot right next to police car: Hell YA! 😛

  23. James Bosley says:

    Police would have to assume you had a permit if you’re set-up next to their car, nice!

  24. salooo7e says:

    Great 🙂

  25. NoahBGraham says:

    I like how it cuts and your shooting next to a police car LOL! That was great!

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