Newborn Photography Tutorial

Newborn Photography Tutorial (Budget Equipment) https:/…

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  1. Pinak Raval says:

    Hi Jibran…this is an awesome video…Can you also make a video on Pregnant Lady? I think both will go hand in hand and it would be more informative too…Like Pregnancy poses and some creativity too..Just a suggestion

  2. Jetiblack says:

    Whats the best Lens for this?

  3. zxcnjfrsfg says:

    Or be original 😉

  4. tellitlkitis says:

    Great video

  5. angelinanavarro says:

    Love this video..very helpful, and great ideas on creativity.

  6. PhotographersOnUTube says:

    Agree! A friend of mine will be doing a video with me on newborn and you’ll see some new stuff.

  7. Dulce Corazon says:

    for the baby girls you could buy head ribbons I think they look so cute and would look great on photos

  8. PhotographersOnUTube says:

    There are dozens and dozens of different types of contracts depending on what you do with pictures. My contract states that I’ll use the pictures online for youtube and if your client sees that then most probably they won’t do the shoot with you. I’ve known this family for a long time so it depends from client to client. Google photography contracts and you’ll get a ton of hits.

  9. markmirage says:

    sir can i ask a favor? is there a contract signing before you shoot newborn? if there is, can you send me an example? Thanks! your video is amazing! more power!

  10. PhotographersOnUTube says:

    What’s a tall prop?

  11. Pthom0122 says:

    good info but thought babies unsafe specially in the tall prop, someone should b at hands reach of the baby for safety reasons

  12. PhotographersOnUTube says:

    lol. I don’t know why that person thought I sounded like Denzyl. If I did, I wouldn’t be making these videos haha.

  13. Hag ster says:

    When did Denzyl Washington become a photographer?? :D seriouslt though thanks for the tips 😉

  14. Manasi Wagle says:

    This was really quite helpful. Thinking to do a photo shoot of a newborn for 1st time time and i think this gonna help me a lot.

  15. PhotographersOnUTube says:

    On a scale of 100. It’s 100% safe.

  16. britestube says:

    how safe it is for babies to be exposed to flash light?

  17. Gurpreet Bola says:

    God Bless you x x x

  18. StarSoBright07 says:

    thank you so much for everything, all your videos are really simple and really clear! lots of help thanks again !!

  19. Ahmed Shawky says:

    u r amazing 🙂 really help me soo much i see ur videos everyday 😀

  20. Hayley Shay says:

    Love it! I’m 16 and love photography. So far I’ve only had a Nikon digital camera that broke so I can’t use it til its fixed. Love taking pics of nature, espescially close-ups, and of family and stuff. Want to upgrade to a better camera soon but don’t know which is best. I want one that will focus on something and blur the rest like focus on foreground and blur background or vice versa. Have a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H90 right now. Which camera do you think would be best for what I do/like? HELP?!:(

  21. PhotographersOnUTube says:

    Most prime lenses are soft wide open. 1.8D is more softer than the lens I used which is 1.8G

  22. Richard Latham says:

    I have a 50 1.8d. I have found that it’s a little soft at it’s largest too. What 50mm do you have?

  23. Milacina says:

    Superb video very informative and for a newbee so easy to follow thank you for sharing, have a nice day

  24. glyn m6xx says:

    Cool tutorial thanks

  25. PhotographersOnUTube says:

    If you think I’m helping you then don’t forget to help someone else and I mean not just photography related but anything in life. Thanks for your kind words!

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