national home study college wildlife photography course?

Question by GEMMA K: national home study college wildlife photography course?
hi everyone i’m completing this wildlife photography course and am about to start module b2 which is to shoot a portfolio of urban wildlife at night? has anyone already done this module by any chance because without any specialist equipment i’m at a loss how and what i can do?! the lecturers arent incredibly helpful in answering queries unforetunetly so any advice would be really appreciated. thanks alot!

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Answer by fhotoace
This is one of the drawbacks when you cannot interact with fellow students.

I don’t know what you mean by “specialist equipment”. Any fully adjustable camera can do this and for wildlife photography, the minimum you should be using for this class would be a 35 mm SLR or entry level DSLR. If you are attempting to take this class using a P&S camera, you may find any further assignments to be frustrating to the max.

Here is a link … note the camera that Mr. Lepp is leaning on. This is a typical camera setup for shooting wildlife in the field at dawn or dusk when all the critters are out and about.

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  1. Michael K says:

    Wow…This course sounds very interesting. What is the name of the course???? I once took a course offered by a company called Seattle FIlmworks. I also found that there “instructors” were not very helpful. After this bad experience I joined the US Air Force. While on active duty I found that many of the bases have a “Craft Shop” and many of those offer free photography courses by great instructors, as well as offering free use of darkrooms and studios. After that experience, I also attended many college classes at my university here.
    I am hoping that you have some equipment to start with such as a digital SLR that uses interchangeable lenses. You will need one because photography at night is extremely LIMITED with your typical “point and shoot” camera. If you don’t own one, borrow or buy one immediately. Are you allowed to use flash in the photos??? If so, you may be able to find something which you can get “close enough” to, to get the shot. If not, you’ll have to make the MOST of natural lighting. That means a full moon or taken with street lights or something of this nature. Good Luck

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