Lower Antelope Canyon Photography Review with Tips

Photo tips for photographing in one of the coolest places in the SouthWest. Location review of Lower Antelope Canyon for Photographers. Check out the VLOG i …
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  1. JARVIE: "A Photographers' Life" says:

    Take note that in navajo lands things can change pretty easily. So if
    someone goes and things have changed just let us know here about any new

  2. geonerd says:


    Chimp the RED histogram. Many cameras show the green or composite by
    default. It is all too easy to blow the red channel, at which point the
    dreaded ‘fried egg effect’ , often seen around the setting sun, kicks in,
    ruining color fidelity.

    If shooting film, a spot meter used with classic place/fall zone exposure
    can be very helpful in the high contrast areas.

    Jackalope is not the only slot canyon in the general area! A bit of
    research will find you dozens of pretty slots nearby, all free and

  3. Mari Thomas says:

    The other place i want to go .. sigh Not likely .. but the child in me can
    dream :D

  4. Brad Sukarukoff says:

    For lower canyon they’ve up’d the fees and take ONLY american cash (or
    traveler cheque but who has those!?). I imagine that they are taking in
    profits tax free… There is only one company who manages the lower tours
    when we were there April 2014 and their setup was laughable although they
    were building a brand new building so I imagine that’s why the fees are
    higher. I’d highly recommend the upper tour or even the lower at the end of
    the day when you are the last group – it makes for a surreal and much
    quieter experience. They know the peak photo hours for light but since the
    light changes throughout the day you will also get unique and amazing shots
    late in the day when it’s you and only a few others and the dust will not
    be in the air because of foot traffic. At sunset the light goes straight
    into the entrance of upper. We found that the latest tour left from in the
    town instead of up at the entrances by the power plant on the highway.

  5. Todd Winters says:

    Thank you for taking the time to tell us about the canyon. It is very

  6. Lydia L says:

    love when you do these it makes me wanna eat cheese puffs so I can be all
    orange glowy too right!?! but seriously these are mad fabulous. We get a
    quick preview and can think long and hard about how much food and fabric to
    bring along when we do eventually get out there. hey I think that polarizer
    is clean! whoa…

  7. Justin MacKenzie says:

    Scott, Who did you use for your night photography at upper antelope? I went
    with Vernon at Carol Bigthumb Tours last year for my day tour and he was
    awesome. He showed me some light painting and night shots that were great.
    I wrote a post about my experience and some tips that might help others but
    I can’t link to it here. Its in my G+ stream. Keep up the great work. Like
    the vlog. Justin

  8. Ian Powell says:

    A place I’ve always wanted to go to. Thanks for the info.

  9. Montse Monne Bonnet says:

    Guauuu!!! Precioso me encanta…..

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