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Learn how to access and use the video camera settings on your LG Viewty (KU990) brought to you by MobilePhoneTraining.co.uk.

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17 Responses to LG Viewty (KU990) Video Camera Settings -MobilePhoneTraining

  1. Marrk2008 says:

    Yup! Although in pitch black it only iluminates closer up elements…still
    works a treat in low lit situations, the option to enable this is on the
    left in settings (the cog) and then the very bottom left icon (the
    lightning bolt)

  2. Cian Wood says:

    ok ty , thats a bit gay tho init? they should have let you do it while
    recording, ok anyway ty, im gonna get it soon, one more question, how much
    dose it zoom

  3. JavMayan says:

    hiii how can i download youtube videos to my lg viewty

  4. tappciee says:

    Thanks you so much for the reply. I will follow your advice.

  5. Kamek00 says:

    Great video but the quality could be better !

  6. The Human Manual says:

    Hi welshsoldier211, Thanks for commenting! As far as we are aware the flast
    only works within the camera mode not video camera mode. We hope this
    helps! Many thanks, The Human Manual – Check out LG’s new tutorial site

  7. The Human Manual says:

    Hi tappciee, Thanks for commenting! You can’t adjust the recording volume
    or sensitivity using the video recorder. You can if the voice recorder but
    not in video camera mode. The only thing we can suggest is perhaps trying
    to record and then use Audacity on your computer to silence the noise and
    increase the volume required? Probably a bit long winded but thats the best
    option we can think of. Or have you tried recording using your handsfree
    kit? Thanks, The Human Manual Online . com

  8. Marrk2008 says:

    my lu990i viewty uses the flash for videos too

  9. tappciee says:

    hi! can u help me? about the video is there a way to set its audio because
    when i play my captured video the audio is too low. . . .

  10. Cian Wood says:

    how do you knock flash on while recording?

  11. 5eamer says:

    is there any way to recover files after facotry resetting the viewty, i
    relly messed, factory resetted myphone but forgot i had some important
    pictures for my product deisgn folio work, and the pics were saved to the

  12. The Human Manual says:

    Hi KINGIBYM, Thanks for commenting! Unfortunately not as the switch
    overrides the camera functionality. You can however get it repaired, we
    would recommend going to your local repair store. If you are in the UK LG
    offer a direct repair service or you can visit your local Carphone
    Warehouse and get it repaired. – lgrepair . co . uk We hope this helps!
    Many thanks, The Human Manual TheHumanManualOnline . com PS – check out
    website out too as it has some good info on there

  13. Xartomoutro2 says:

    u can have flash on while recording?

  14. The Human Manual says:

    Thanks for your comment In terms of multimedia editing capabilities
    combined with the camera i would say it is in a league of its own. However
    consdering only the camera, I would still say that it is very tight between
    the Viewty (KU990), SE K850i and Nokia N95 (Black). As they all have their
    strengths when it comes to camera enviornments – outdoor, indoor, dark
    room, etc. Check out Dial a Phone and GSM Arena’s review of the 5 mega
    pixel cameras. Thanks, MPT MobilePhoneTraining

  15. KINGIBYM says:

    HI On the LG Viewty can i go record a video without using the slide button
    on the side as mine does not work and some how record throuhg diffrent
    means. Also is it possible to have this repaired.

  16. Tally - Ho says:

    i cant move anything from the phone to my external memory.. anything om my
    phone cannot be moved! i hate this phone

  17. warr1 says:

    so, i cannot record a video at night that sucks so what for is the night
    mode? if you dont have a flash …

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